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Member Roles and Responsibilities
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Chen Qinghe
(Project Leader)
  • Lead and manage the project team.
  • Develop and maintain a detailed project plan.
  • Manage the project deliverables in line with the project plan.
  • Oversees project issues / risks and escalating to Project Supervisors where necessary.
  • Liaison with, and updates progress to Project Sponsors and Supervisors
Ho Chuen Full
(Lead Developer)
  • Works with the Project Leader on definition of development requirements and priorities.
  • Responsible for the design of the underlying architecture of the application.
  • Oversee the application development process and provide advice to Project Leader where necessary.
RS Grace.gif
Lew Li Ming
(Creative Director)
  • Oversee the design and layout of user interface for the web portal
  • Oversee the design and layout of user interface for the mobile application
  • Oversee the design of the official communication channel (Wikipedia)
  • Responsible for the design of the final poster presentation
RS Huilian.gif
Ng Hui Lian
(Project Coordinator)
  • Secretariat role for project meetings.
  • Oversee the production of documentation / presentation materials
  • Administer the contents of the official communication channel (Wikipedia)
  • Assist Project Leader in maintaining and updating project plan.
RS Vivian.gif
Vivian Seet
(Risk and Relation Manager)
  • Oversee and define the change and risk management strategies to assure early identification and complete, expeditious resolution.
  • Conduct periodic risk assessment and development of mitigating strategies. Significant or high impact risks should be addressed to the Project Leader
  • Recognize change management issues and risks; develops recommendation and mitigating strategies
  • Assist Project Leader in liaison with, and updates progress to, Project Sponsors / supervisors
  • Assist Project Coordinator in administering the official communication channel (Wikipedia)
RS Kejia.gif
Tao Kejia
(Quality Assurance Manager)
  • Oversee the entire test procedures and protocols for the application
  • Develop a systematic process in monitoring and evaluation of each functionalities
  • Develop test cases for each functionalities
  • System test planning and assistance to users in the execution of the User Acceptance Test.
  • Reconciliation of user requirements to system capabilities after each UAT Phase.

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