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===<div style="background-color:#ddd4c9;"><font style="margin-left:10px" size="-1">'''Final Deliverables'''</font></div>===
===<div style="background-color:#f4b29b;"><font style="margin-left:10px" size="-1">'''Final Deliverables'''</font></div>===
The deliverables for this project are as follows:
The deliverables for this project are as follows:
# Multi-Platform Mobile Educational Application and Administrative Web Portal
# Multi-Platform Mobile Educational Application and Administrative Web Portal

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Mid-Term Progress Summary  
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Project Overview

Project Description   Team's Motivation   Stakeholders   Team Members   Project Scope   Final Deliverables   Market Comparison   X-Factor

Project Description

Education and Technology – it used to be two disjoint words in the past, but now, we can leverage on technology to complement the traditional education. With the emergence and revolution of technology, today’s mobile devices could possibly bring a whole new dimension to the education experience as it has become more and more prevalent in our society. This technology, in many cases, is already in the pocket of the students today.

No more boring lessons, lectures or seminars. Field trips and excursions are what “redSpot” will take learning to a new high, by providing a new “playground” that educators can introduce and fascinate the students, bringing a whole new experience to learning. redSpot, is a mobile application designed for iPad, iPhone and Andorid devices compatibility. It integrates the modern classroom into an interactive mobile application so as to provide the students with the accessibility and portability they required on their learning journeys. redSpot will become the mobile platform that will help them to navigate from location to location, bringing them interactive learning on the go and making these learning journeys fun,easy, and enriching.

This application will be developed to provide an interactive and innovative learning experience for the module taught by Professor Thomas Menkhoff, MGMT304-Chinese Entreprenuership And Asian Business Networks.

Team's Motivation

Our team shares a common vision, which is to enrich the learning journey and learning experience for students, going beyond the classroom. Instead of allowing learning to take place in the physical classroom, our team brings the classroom to them, wherever they are. Moreover, being a team of SIS students, we strongly believe that technology is a tool that is under- utilized in the sector of the Education industry. Technology is a tool that we can use to our advantage and in this case, we are helping students to achieve self-learning by tapping on the existing educational potential through the usage of technology and the exponential increasing number of students owning a mobile device today.


Image on center

Image on center

Project Scope

a) Multi-Platform Mobile (iPad, iPhone and Android devices) Educational Application that will

  1. guide students along their field trip to different checkpoint
  2. generate questions at different checkpoint
  3. gather reflections of student
  4. provide an interactive chat function for communication

b) Administrative Web Portal for Administrator (or Professor / TA) that will:

  1. help to plan and execute the field trip
  2. help to monitor the process of the field trip
  3. generate summary and results of the field trip

Final Deliverables

The deliverables for this project are as follows:

  1. Multi-Platform Mobile Educational Application and Administrative Web Portal
  2. Detailed documentation of the project on the aspect of Project Management (e.g. Project Plan, Risk Management Plan and Minutes of Meeting and etc.)
  3. Detailed documentation of the project on the aspect of Technical Documentation (e.g. Use Case, Sequence Diagram and etc.)
  4. IS480 Requirements - Project Acceptance, Interim, Mid-Term and Final Presentation & Project Poster

Market Comparison

SquareCrumb Battle for Singapore redSpot
A native application developed for iPad using iOS. As such, there is no limitation or restriction to any development features.
A native application developed for iOS devices. This mobile application is developed by the National Heritage Board together with the National Archives of Singapore, and Learning & Development Resources (LDR) to commemorate the 70th anniversary since Singapore fell to the Japanese Army during WWII. The App serves as a companion guide to 32 historical sites in Singapore
A hybrid web application: developed and compiled from a mobile web application into a native application using open source technology, phoneGap.

There might be some limitation to the functionality and control (compared to native). However, the basic functions required are satisfied (e.g. Geo-Location) and by using phoneGap, it enables the application to be deployed on multiple platform (Android and iOS).
Testing Method
Has been tested with one of the Secondary schools in Singapore (July 2011).
Tested by National Cadet Corps (NCC) members and will be used to conduct some 130 tours islandwide.
Will be carrying out the User Acceptance Test with students from Singapore Management University taking the module MGMT304.


  • iPad, iPhone and Android Devices - In short, ONE code-based for all deployments.
  • Leverages on GeoLocation which allows the teachers to track location of students during the trail.
  • Provides map as a guides for the students for independent learning.
  • Provides learning opportunities with mobility that enables "Learning on the Go" in the form of Pop quizzes.
  • Provides real-time communication via chats to assist in their learning and also a two-way feedback system.
  • Generates statistic and analytic on student's performance when the trail ends.
Target Group
  • Primary: Educational Institution (i.e. Singapore Management University)
  • Secondary:
    • Events company that organized Team Building Team Learning (TBTL)
    • National Heritage Board - Museum Guide