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Education and Technology – it used to be two disjoint words in the past, but now, we can leverage on technology to complement the traditional education. With the emergence and revolution of technology, today’s mobile devices could possibly bring a whole new dimension to the education experience as it has become more prevalence in our society. This technology, in many cases, is already in the pocket of the students today. No more boring lessons, lectures or seminars. Field trips or excursions are what “whatsNex” will take learning to a new high, by providing a new “playground” that educators can introduce and fascinate the students, bringing a whole new experience to learning. “whatsNex”, is a mobile application designed for multi-mobile platform2 compatibility. It integrates the modern classroom into an interactive mobile application so as to provide the students with the accessibility and portability they required on their learning journeys.


Our team shares a common vision, which is to enrich the learning journey and learning experience for students, going beyond the classroom. Instead of allowing learning to take place in the physical classroom, our team brings the classroom to them, wherever they are.

Moreover, being a team of SIS students, we strongly believe that technology is a tool that is under- utilized in the sector of the Education industry. Technology is a tool that we can use to our advantage and in this case, we are helping students to achieve self-learning by tapping on the existing educational potential through the usage of technology and the exponential increasing number of students owning a mobile device today.