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Research on Kinect Tutorials

How it started

Through the FYP project, our team realize that for Kinectify to be successful in a commercial setting, it requires users using the application to be able to know how to perform the different gestures. Due to this, our team has identify Tutorial Videos to be a core portion of the project where users will be able to call out for tutorial videos whenever they are unable to perform a certain gestures or when they get "stuck" using the application. To ensure that tutorial videos are effective to end users, we need to ask ourselves the following questions:

1. What the best way to show tutorials?
2. When is the best time to show tutorials?
3. How should we show tutorials?

Challenges We Face

1 Different from Mobile Application or Website
We realize how different the tutorial are from a mobile application or even a website. We realize we are unable to simply give instructions in a manual or just through a screen as our application requires some form of "teacher" to teach the users how the properly perform the gesture. This is interesting as our team are being engage mentally and physically on creating tutorial videos that can teach users without us being there. We realize how detail we must be in our tutorial video but at the same time not making it too long if not we will lose the attention of our users.
2 Beta Testing

3 User Testing 2
Despite our busy and hectic schedule, we managed to get the functions, video tutorials, test instructions, procedures and survey questions ready for our User Test 2. We had a total of 35 testers who spent at least 15 to 25 minutes each. They did not receive any help from us, and were doing the test based on the instructions we have given to them. They had to ask for help from the Kinect, which will provide different tutorial videos for different functions.

Project Management

Learning Process - View, Improve, Test Approach

To answer these questions, our team went to research how we can have industry

Our group went to research on how we could improve on the tutorials by looking at Kinect application tutorials - similar to the one like 'Kinect Sports 1'.

First Screen - What the Video will be explaining about

Kinectsports instructions 1.png We wanted to make our instructions as simple and clear as what Kinect Sports Season 1 has done.

Second Screen - The different steps to follow

Kinectsports instructions 2.png Similarly, we wanted to create different steps to help our users to understand the gestures immediately.

Kinect sports.png Photos taken from Kinect Sports Season 1 Videos on Youtube

Tutorial Timeline

No Date of Usage Tutorial Image Content Improvements


Week 3-5





Week 6-8





Week 9-10