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Bug Tracker


  • To keep track of unsolved bugs
  • To ensure quality of the Web Application
  • To let the team knows which function has more bugs.

Severity Level

Severity levl.png

In our bug tracker sheet, we assign each bug with its calculated severity level so that the debugger knows which bugs is more urgent to be solved so that it will not affect the other features.

Bug Tracker

Bug tracker(final).png

In the graph, we show how many bugs found in a particular iteration and how many bugs fixed in which iteration. For some bugs, we could not solve in the assigned iteration. In later iteration, therefore, the outstanding bugs is combined with the leftover bugs from previous iteration and the found bugs in particular iteration. For example, in iteration 6, the leftover bug from iteration 5 is one and number of bugs found in iteration 6 is 11 so the outstanding bugs in iteration 6 is 12. But we can solve only 6 bugs in that iteration. So the other 6 bugs are postponed to next iteration 7.