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User Experience Testing

S/N Comment Action Category
1. Long usernames become hidden above the user image Edit the CSS Layout
2. Difficulty in finding "start new project" Presentation
3. "Find a project" does not mean much to an owner Include subtext "for students" Presentation
4. "Find a developer" does not mean much to developer Include subtext "for entrepreneurs" Presentation
5. Notification bar is in an awkward position Presentation
6. Notification bar was unnoticed despite color contrast Presentation
7. Icons under user image is not intuitive Presentation
8. Column headers in newsfeed is confusing Labels
9. Notification bar is not consistent in design Layout
10. Budget does not indicate how much a developer can earn intuitively Documentation & Help

Top 3 Areas for improvement

//to be filled

Breakdown by category

//to be filled

1. Functionality

2. Content

3. Labels

4. Presentation

5. Layout

6. Navigation

7. Speed of response

8. Documentation & Help