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===<span style="color: #797979; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;">Breakdown by category</span>===
===<span style="color: #797979; padding: 0px 0px 0px 0px;">Breakdown by category</span>===
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1. Functionality
1. Functionality

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User Experience Testing

S/N Comment Category Action to be Taken Status
1. Long usernames become hidden above the user image Layout Pending
2. Difficulty in finding "start new project" Presentation Pending
3. "Find a project" does not mean much to an owner Presentation Pending
4. "Find a developer" does not mean much to developer Presentation Pending
5. Notification bar is in an awkward position Presentation Pending
6. Notification bar was unnoticed despite color contrast Presentation Pending
7. Icons under user image is not intuitive Presentation Pending
8. Column headers in newsfeed is confusing Labels Pending
9. Notification bar is not consistent in design Layout Pending
10. Budget does not indicate how much a developer can earn intuitively Doc & Help Pending
11. "iteration" is technical jargon Labels Pending
12. The duration of the iteration is unclear Doc & Help Pending
13. No back button (breadcrumb) Navigation Pending
14. Sample description in iteration plan was mistaken as instructions Doc & Help Pending
15. Notification after bidding should be "new bid" instead of "update" Labels Pending
16. User was intimidated rather than assisted by the validation Presentation Pending
17. Tags field (eg: Ruby) may not mean much to non-technical users Doc & Help Pending
18. Text in iteration plan field in workroom did not seem like a description Doc & Help Pending
19. Owner does not know that he should start the iteration after bid acceptance Doc & Help Pending
20. Budget does not indicate how much a developer can earn intuitively Doc & Help Pending
21. Owner does not know how the product would be delivered Doc & Help Pending
22. Developer does not know what "Iteration(s)" meant while bidding Labels Pending
23. Page reloads at times, while portions of the page load at others Speed Pending
24. Owner did not realize he could accept more than one bid per project Doc & Help Pending
25. Iteration plan status should have different colored statuses Presentation Pending
26. Needs a proper step by step welcome page to guide new users upon login Doc & Help Pending
27. Dashboard is not intuitively understood as a "homepage" Labels Pending
28. Budget does not indicate ceiling or floor price Labels Pending
29. Project create bid is not the same as "bid for this project" Labels Pending
30 Developer feels that bid price should be on top of bid page Layout Pending
31 User tried clicking on newsfeed to go to relevant page Navigation Pending
32 Owner did not know that he will only be accepting the first iteration Doc & Help Pending
33 User thought headers in the Dashboard dropdown list were clickable Presentation Pending
34 User prefers login screen to be in the centre Layout Pending
35 User does not know how detailed should description be Doc & Help Pending
36 Terms and conditions not displayed Content Pending
37 Iteration need more guidance Doc & Help Pending
38 Delivery of work is not clear to both parties Doc & Help Pending
39 Give the owner a choice of delivery channel Doc & Help Pending
40 "Create a project" should be easily assessible Navigation Pending
41 Instead of "deliver", use "I've delivered" Labels Pending
42 Shortcut menu should go somewhere else Layout Pending
43 User profile viewing should be made readily available Navigation Pending

Top 3 Areas for improvement

1. Documentation & Help (10)

2. Presentation (9)

3. Labels (7)

UET Deployment Screenshots

//to be filled with deployed application screenshots

Breakdown by category

1. Functionality

2. Content

3. Labels

4. Presentation

5. Layout

6. Navigation

7. Speed of response

8. Documentation & Help