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Project Overview

Whom are we working for?

Our team is working for a non-profit organization, named Friends of The Disabled Society (FDS). FDS establishes programs that brings a bridge between the able bodies and disabled friends together with the help from members and well-wishers. Among those programs, the Skills Enrichment Program, which our project's focus is on, currently conducts training to advance the skills and creativity of the disabled friends in handicraft and jewelry making.


Regarding the Skills Enrichment Program, FDS currently has a shopping website hosted on a blog only. The problem comes in as this blog is not designed for disabled friends; so, they have to go through multiple steps just to upload one product. Moreover, the current website cannot assist FDS in processing orders, managing products and generating reports. With all these limitations and more, the potential collaboration between the customers and disabled people is hindered.


Our team believes that applications that involve interactions with disabled friends should be more effective than this while being kept simple. Thus, we are determined to come up with a proper and professional e-commerce system that comes together with a simple, tidy and easy-to-manage back-end interface especially designed for the disabled friends. This system will also be well equipped with all the functions that are necessary and useful for the users. The detailed functions each user can do with the application can be seen in Use Cases section below.

Use Cases






Kevin Steppe


  • Ms. S Roogmanny (Executive Director, Friends of Disabled Society)
  • Mr. Joel Chiang (IT Manager, Jweeb Solutions Group)

Team eNable

  1. Erene ONG Yiling
  2. KHINE Tharaphe Din
  3. KYAW Zin Hein
  4. Lu Mon KYAW
  5. Soe Thet AUNG

Project Management

Our team will use SCRUM project management framework.

SCRUM Documents

Product Backlog serves as a primary document for the client and the team to look into the list of all the functionalities that are to be implemented. The functionalities are listed in order of their priority.
Sprint Backlog is a subset of Product Backlog containing a detailed breakdown of functionalities into tasks for each of the sprints.

Project Schedule

You can see the Planned Schedule document of the whole project here. The comparison of this Planned Schedule and the Actual Schedule over time can be seen on our Midterm Wiki and Final Wiki pages.

Roles & Responsibilities

Member Primary Role Responsibilities
Project Manager
- Plan meeting agenda and milestones

- Make sure the team is on the right track and in progress
- Resolve internal conflicts, if any

Chief Programmer
- Translate clients' requirements into functionalities

- Integrate frontend design and backend logic

Chief Tester
- Track and prioritize bugs

- Develop test plans to ensure a smooth application

Lu Mon
Chief Designer
- Create designs for user interface
Soe Thet
System Admin
- Create and maintain the server and system database

Project Risks

The risks specific to our project at the initial state are as follows:

Risks Likelihood Impact Risk Level Mitigation Plans
Lack of experiences in php resulting a delay during application development Moderate High High Do research on php and help each other to be more familiar with it in a shorter period of time
No prior knowledge of OpenCart High High High Allocate some time to familiarize with the new system
Look and feel of the application does not meet the end users’ needs Moderate Moderate Moderate Perform UAT with the real end users and gather feedback to ensure a design that appeals to them
Maintenance of the system by the client High Low Moderate Schedule some trainings for the client/admin of the system at the end of the project

Quality Assurance

To make sure that our project quality is kept at its best and that the application built meets the client's expectations, we will perform a number of User Acceptance Tests with the client and real end users throughout the project. Moreover, we will also use Schedule Metric and Bug Metric to track the team's productivity and quality of work done.

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