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Team Veritaz


"***VERITAZ***!"[Goddess of Light & Truth]

[To be updated]

Members (Roles and Responsibilities)

Role Name Email
Project Manager Ernest Cai Kunrong ernest.cai.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
System Developing Director Cheong Wei Hsien whcheong.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Subject Matter Expert(Operations) Elizabeth Chin Yun Wen eliz.chin.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
Subject Matter Expert(Ailiasing & Communication) Reena Chin Yun wen reena.chin.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg
System Analyst Loh Wei Yi weiyi.loh.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg


Role Company Name Position Email
Faculty Supervisor Singapore Management University ZHENG Baihua Assistant Professor of School of Information Systems bhzheng@smu.edu.sg
Platinum Business Sponsor The Shipping Solution Pte Ltd (Management Team) Barry Lim Managing Director barry@theshippingsolutions.com
Platinum Business Sponsor The Shipping Solution Pte Ltd (Management Team) Jason Goh Sales Director jason@thshippingsolutions.com

Company Background and Formation

Overview of Company Detail (Client/Sponsor)

The Shipping Solutions is a new Electronic-Solutions and Media organization with an extensive background in logistics.

The core of our business is to aid the Singapore shipping industry to excel in terms of improved efficiency, and productivity, through the provision and advertisement of vital information of the services that these companies provide, to the public.

The Shipping Solutions understands the demanding process faced by Shipping Lines (Carriers) when they handle their service lanes enquiries from their logistics partners (Co-Loaders, Forwarders, Direct Shippers). In the current globally competitive logistics market, there is a constant need to make necessary changes and strategically plan for vessels' sailing schedules in order to cater to the ever changing, fast-paced, and dynamic market's needs. Hence, the operations or sales department have dedicated a lot of time to the answering and clarification of their clients' enquiries.

www.TheShippingSolutions.com was designed and developed especially for the sole purpose of compiling and streamlining your service lanes and sailing schedules. These data will be distributed and shared with the relevant members of the portal, to provide a one stop solution centre to cater to all your clients' needs, as well as to answer all their queries as to the details of the services you provide.

Operations Background

There are 3 main groups in the shipping industry and they are the Carriers,Direct Shippers and Forwarders.Below is a brief and simplified description of each group.