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Main Risks


Risk Review and Mitigation Strategies

# Assumption / Risk Status Comment
01 Client would provide guidance on hardware requirements for potential system load for interactive voice response Removed Interactive voice response system will be implemented as a proof of concept. Load testing not necessary at this point.
02 Client would provide connectivity to system/test data for development and testing of analytics feature Removed Analytics feature is designed to be database / table / column independent. Completely configurable.
03 Greatly reduced Reliance on Microsoft technologies - High licensing and deployment costs
  • Analytics feature meant for client deployment based on open source technologies - PHP, MySQL, jQuery, JSON and jqPlot.
  • Other system components are developed as proof-of-concepts: Content Management System and connectivity with Interactive Voice Response.
  • Overall system architecture is modular with various components communicating via web services, easy to swap out components when the system goes live.
04 Integration of open source technologies with Microsoft platforms Greatly reduced
  • Simplified system architecture.
  • Overall system architecture is modular with various components communicating via web services.
05 Design and implementation phases dependent on input from various research, government and non-government organizations Removed Analytics feature developed to be flexible for various data sources.
06 Lack of first-hand experience with farming or agriculture research Greatly reduced Industry research through readings and discussions with Professors, scientists and IRRI personnel
07 Replacement of certain components based on Microsoft technologies with open source alternatives: risk of learning and supporting new technologies Greatly reduced Chosen open source technologies are mature and widely-supported. Team members have prior developmental experience with them as well.
08 Deployment and integration of project components to externally-hosted team server Controlled Frequent integration and testing to identify and fix clashes early

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