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Team Kumbaya

Team Kumbaya‎


Name Email Role
Tomy Jaya tomy.jaya.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg Project Manager
Wai Phyo Kyaw phyokyawwai.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg Mobile Evangelist/Liaison Person
Tan Eu Jeng eujeng.tan.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg Web Developer
Shitij Nigam shitijnigam.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg Lead Designer
Aung Kyaw kyaw.aung.2008@sis.smu.edu.sg Mobile Evangelist

Faculty Supervisor

Chris Boesch (cboesch@smu.edu.sg)


  • Meraj Huda (meraj.huda@gmail.com)
    - Public Relations Officer (Contact Person)
  • Michael Switow (switow@ONESingapore.org)
    - ONESingapore Co-founder

Project Simama

Project Overview

Project Simama

ONESingapore, our client, is a non-profit political organization who aims to raise Singaporeans’ awareness in Millenium Development Goals such as extreme poverty. To achieve this goal, it relies heavily on its website and annual events to gather volunteers and pledges.


The ONESingapore website, http://www.ONESingapore.org was developed by an external party using WordPress CMS, and since then, has been poorly managed. The content is scattered all over the place and many of the functionalities (such as member registration) are no longer working properly. In addition, the advent of mobile technologies has also attracted ONESingapore’s executive committee to ensure that their website is viewable on a variety of mobile browsers as well. On top of that, a dedicated native mobile application will be developed to support their worthy cause will be an excellent marketing platform for them to reach a wider audience in an informed, organized manner. Hence, we propose to do the following to help ONESingapore solve its current issues:

  1. ONESingapore website clean-up and components/functionalities addition by leveraging on available WordPress plug-ins
  2. ONESingapore website mobilization


  • Outcomes/Deliverables:
    • A re-organized ONESingapore website with excellent user interface and easy navigation
    • Additional functionalities to ONESingapore websites (these functionalities will be detailed in project scope section)
    • A mobile-friendly version of ONESingapore website which supports content-viewing iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, and Blackberry browsers)
  • Value Statement:
    • Wider coverage (mobile users)
    • More organized vision, Marketing, Message-spreading
    • Website ease of management and extensibility


Two Primary Goals:

I. ONESingapore website clean-up and components addition by leveraging on available WordPress plug-ins

  • Current problems: lack of usability, lack of ecommerce function, non-existent mobile support
  • Solution: We will leverage on existing wordpress plugins with some customization. Here is the comparison of current condition and resulting condition.
Issue Current Condition Resulting Condition
Content Contents are unorganized which cause the management difficult Contents will be well-organized and easy to be managed
Usability Interface is not user friendly and difficult to use Interface will be user friendly and easy to use
Search Function Search results are not completely satisfied Search Engine will be optimized and results will be more relevant
Members Registration Interface is not user friendly and the payment process is not operating. Interface will be more user friendly and the payment process will be operating
Find Information Contents are scattered all over the website which result in difficulty of finding related information Information will be displayed in an organized manner and MDG related contents aggregation feature will also be implemented
Share Information Newsletters are sent out manually and there is no social media integration Newsletters will be sent out automatically and social media tools such as facebook, twitter will be integrated=
e-Commerce Capabilities in selling ONESingapore's Merchandise is not optimal Capabilities in selling ONESingapore's Merchandise will be improved

*Assumptions : We decided to stick with WordPress since the current management is used to this CMS and we assume that using other CMS will results in unnecessary overheads.

II. Website mobilization (dedicated for content-viewing on iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)

  • Current problems: non-existent mobile support to cater to growing mobile users
  • Solution: using CSS, WordPress plug-ins and some customization to make the website viewable from different mobile platform (interface might be varied for different platforms for ease of use).

*Constraints: This will only be done for ONESingapore website, not standup.sg simply because standup.sg contains flash animations and requires the capability to upload images which is not supported by mobile browsers.

(**) Additional Goal of the Project – if there is enough time after the two primary goals have been met.
Native Mobile apps (for iPhone and Android platforms) to do the following functionalities

  • Pledging by uploading photos
  • One-stop News Aggregator for all MDG (similar idea to FluentNews app which pulls news from different sources. But our app will dedicate to collect MDG related news, events and articles. Also, this will be an incentive for users to download our app)
  • ONESingapore website translated to the dedicated app for better organization
(similar idea as Times, AllThingsD or Engadget apps, which are currently available on iPhone)
  • User downloading the application shows support to the worthy cause

Project Plan

Project Milestones:

Work breakdown Structure with Key Milestones (Iterative Phase Development*) Project plan kumbaya.JPG

*The project scope’s extension will be carried out in case the 1st Phase of the project (both implementation 1 and 2) can be finished before the Midterm Review/Report.

We break down the project deliverable to 2 phases. For each phase, we intend to follow the iterative methodology which comprises of requirements gathering, development, testing, and system integration testing processes.

Assumptions and Risks

  • Assumptions:
    1. All software tools* used in this project are available for free (no cost incurred in software)
    2. Non-functional requirements such as extensive security and reliability are not the client’s main concerns.

*iPhone SDK is not free. However, the team has agreed to buy and share a license.

  • Risks:
    1. Team is unfamiliar with new development platform
    Mitigation step: Development team to train themselves in new platform during summer break
    1. Android Emulator used for testing purposes might not behave exactly the same as the real Android phone
    Mitigation step: borrow/buy real Android phones for UAT

Resource and Reference

Learning Outcomes

  • Soft Skills:
    • Learning to learn skills
    • Research techniques
    • Project management and Collaboration skills
    • Communication and Negotiation skills
  • Hard Skills:
    • iPhone SDK
    • CSS, Javascript, PHP, Flash, HTML
    • Android SDK (Eclipse Java, with ADT)