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==Key Features==
==Key Features==
<big>'''No setup required'''<big>
<big>'''No setup required'''</big>
<big>'''Simple yet powerful'''<big>
<big>'''Simple yet powerful'''</big>
<big>'''Crosses all boundaries'''<big>
<big>'''Crosses all boundaries'''</big>
==Project Management==
==Project Management==

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The Flexperts logo designed by TiYo©
Type Student group
Area Interactive Learning Material
Industry Computer Software
Web-based Applications
Product E-learning Resource System
Team members Bryan Cheong Wen Cai
George Chen Kaidi
Harjani Bharat Gobindram
Urmila Mandapaka
Yohann Yezdi Engineer
Faculty Supervisor Kevin Steppe
Client Soo Wai Man

Our project involves developing an e-learning resource system that easily generates and manages e-learning Flash objects using our pre-loaded, re-usable templates. We are working closely with the Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE), SMU, to give the Professors a more efficient method of communicating certain learning materials that they could not during class, in a more interactive and dynamic method than PowerPoint presentations. This helps to increase the understandability of materials that are not taught in class specifically. This is achieved by allowing students to work with the objects and see for themselves how the theory might apply. Tapping on the concept of cloud computing (Platform as a Service), users can enjoy the additional benefit of lightweight web applications with no need for installations or storage.

Project Description

Pedagogy Project (e-Learning)

Our project comes under a bigger umbrella project called The Pedagogy Project. This scheme provides support for full-time faculty seeking assistance to develop electronic teaching and/or learning resources. SMU's working definition for Pedagogy Project (e-Learning) is:

"Development of an electronic teaching/learning resource that is pedagogically sound, interactive and engaging to supplement a challenging area/topic of classroom teaching"

In consultation with faculty and administrative teams, we have articulated a process for supporting Pedagogy Projects (e-Learning). The process provides guidelines for budgeting, proposal submission, project scoping, approval, design, development and pilot testing.

Software Setup

  • Adobe Flash Builder (Flex)
  • Flex SDK
  • Microsoft Project / Merlin(Mac equivalent)
  • Eclipse


Fx Milestones.png

Key Features

No setup required

Simple yet powerful

Crosses all boundaries

Project Management