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Our team name is deCAF^2, which is, simply, the abbreviation of each of our first names. It should be pronounced "DECAF square".

Team Members

We are a team of 3rd year SIS students consisting of

Yeo CHENG PEI, Chua ALVIN, Mohamad FAUZI Ibrahim and FARHANAH M.Sidik
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More About Us Here !


Our supervisor for this IS480 project is Professor Ng Tock Soon.

Project Overview

Project Description

This is an online e-Commerce web application for Belly dance costume customizations. The proposed system is an interactive web application that allows belly dancers all over the world to create an account and customize their own costumes before making the purchase. Alternatively, customers can also choose from ready-made designs available in the store. Their costume will then be sent for manufacturing and shipped to them upon completion.


The vision of the Yasmin Costumes website is to be a leading leader in the online costume customization business by providing top quality costumes with innovative designs and in the process, help empower other women.

Our team has selected this project due to the following reasons:

Challenge: We are very keen to learn new knowledge and believe in the phrase “education is through self-teaching.” As one the project’s requirements is to create a dynamic interface for users to customize their costumes online; we truly believe that we will achieve great job satisfaction if we deliver this project successfully knowing that we have been active learners, resourceful and good at applying new skill sets.

We are confident, and strive to deliver high standard of software product deliverables that are robust, maintainable, lean, fast and complete, skilled in bug fixing and problem solving.

Curiosity: Designing and developing an online interactive belly dance costume customization website is interesting! We are fascinated to learn more of this form of art/dance and further, we seek to continue making a significant contribution with technical design and development on the World Wide Web. This is a very good project to understand complexities involved in creating an online start-up business.


Client: Jasmine - Administrator (herein thereafter referred to as ‘Admin’)
Position: One of the co-owners of BellyDance Divas
Involvement: Oversee the project development such as providing user requirements, feedback, etc for the application.

Supervisor: NG Tock Soon
Position: Senior Lecturer of Information Systems
Involvement: Advise and supervise the project team

Technical Support: Singapore Management University
Involvement: Provide SVN and other software or assistance to Team deCAF2.

Users: All Belly dancers around the world who are keen on creating their own belly dance costumes online.


  • To design and develop an online interactive belly dance costume customization website for belly dancers around the world to create, customize and tailor their costumes to their needs.
    Examples of main requirements:
    - Member registration with Admin approval
    - Costumes' Customization capabilities
    - Costumes' items separated into different categories (hip belt, bra tassels, skirts, etc)
    - Filter-by-price feature
    - Product, Account, Order, Color management

  • Customers should be able to know what the website is offering at one glance in the homepage. That is being able to customize their own costume. The overall image of the website should exude a stylish, fun, yet clean feel. White background and the main colors are black, turquoise and gold, which will match the logo colors.

  • To suit different budgets and needs of dancers by allowing customization of costumes using the latest technology platform/s.

  • To operate the business on a sound financial basis of profitable growth and sustainability (such as picking & linking to a suitable payment gateway, etc)

  • To pay it forward by empowering other women through microenterprise projects. Essentially, our client would like to capture the worldwide belly dance costume market. This business will have a social cause with it as it will donate profits to help other women.

Ultimately, to create a working & viable bellydancing E-commerce Application for our Client to start her online business by the end of the Team's FYP duration.

Scope & Key Features of Website

List of Deliverable

The following are the list of overall deliverable:

  • Corporate image theme and company logo
  • Deliver on the Web; a working & viable E-commerce website - stylish, fun and clean image feel.
    At the same time, website should also be designed for user heuristics (researched on eyeball tracking (heat maps)
  • Should be supported by major browsers i.e. Windows / Mac, Firefox.
  • A compiled document containing all Client's business requirements for both the E-Commerce & Admin Systems

Features & Functionalities
Below outlines the key features and functionalities of the website:

Functional Requirements:

User Functionality

1. Account Management
a. Registration
Non-members should be able to apply for an account. Account registration is not immediate, and will require the Administrator’s approval once registered.
The user will receive a Notification email (automatically send) to his/her registered email account stating that once the Administrator approves his/her registration in the Admin site, a Welcome email will next be sent out.

b. Member login / logout
Other than the homepage, all other sections of the website will require user login.

c. Password management
User should have the ability to change the password/address online while maintaining account security.

d. Profile
Users should be able to add and update the following profile information if desired:

  • Vital statistics (bust, waist, hips)
  • Height
  • Past orders and the designs saved

2. Ready – Made Products Showcase
1. On the main page of ready-made gallery, show thumbnails of each costume and the price.
2 User is also able to use the price slider to view the designs under the costumes’ price range.
3. When Yser selects a design, the description of selected costume, price, colors available, and fabric, quantity will be stated.
4. There should be a measurement box for the User to type in her body measurements.

3. Design Your Costume Feature
Users can create their own designs here.
1. A live preview should be displayed during the customization process showing the User’s selected customizations.
2. Customized designs can be saved, and User can go back to the saved design to modify/delete/submit to purchase.
3. Users cannot print or save the designs out. Customized designs should have some form of protection to prevent the user from printing / exporting the design e.g. watermark.

The customization process should be similar to the following:

  • Select a basic cutting, fabric & color for bra / skirt
  • Select position of slit, if desired
  • Add embellishments (pre-created designs that can be layered onto the costume)

4. Upload Your Design Feature
If User has a design that he/she would like us to create it especially for him/her, the User can upload a picture through the site and message will indicate that Admin will get back to the User soon.

5. Purchasing
a. Cart & checkout
Users should be able to add products to the cart at any point of time and continue shopping. When viewing the cart, users can view contents of the purchase, delete items and/or checkout

b. Payment
Upon order confirmation, Users are to pay online - this will be implemented via a secure payment gateway e.g. PayPal.

6. General Content
General static contents available for anyone to view without logging in eg. About company, contact us, terms and conditions, FAQ.

Admin Functionality

7. User Management
a. Admin login / logout
Required to access administrative functions.

b. Membership approval / deletion / ban
- Admin can approve / delete / ban member applications individually or select multiple applications to approve / delete / ban, as per necessary.
- If Admin bans an approved member, he/she will not be able to login to the e-commerce site

8. Product Management
Categorizing, adding, modifying, prices, color, etc
a. Product & customization addition / modification / deletion
Admin should be able to add products / customizations (fabric, embellishment, etc). For each product / customization, the following information must be included, and should be modifiable:

  • Name
  • Description (optional)
  • Image
  • Type (Product / customization)
  • Category (optional)
  • Price

b. Category addition / modification / deletion
Admin should be able to add / modify / delete categories as per necessary.

9. Color Management
Admin needs to be able to CRUD Fabric colours and Beads colors. Each material has different type of colous and the beads could be of different colors as well.
The User is able to specify these colors when they are customizing their costume.

10. Order Management
Upon a User's submission of customized designs, Admin should be able to review and send the designs for tailoring.

11. Content Management
Admin is able to update the contents of the website such as the FAQ and the Terms and Conditions page. We are not allowing the admin to create new content as this would require editing at the code level.We will implement a WYSWIG style editor for the user.

12. Additional Function: Reporting and Analytics
- Current users by country
- All users by status (Approved, Pending, Banned)
- Total revenue by country for the current month
- Total order volume per month for the most recent 6 months
- Total revenue per month for the most recent 6 months

Our Project Progress

This plan describes the breakdown of work, timeline and iterations, and resources required. The plan provides a basic execution description of the project based on current knowledge of the project.

Summer Vacation 2009 (July - 16 August)

  1. Meeting with Jasmine from Bellydance Divas (client)
  2. Work Breakdown Structure / Gantt Chart
  3. Use Cases
  4. Database Design
  5. Class Diagrams
  6. Design samples of logos for Client
  7. Design samples of UI for Client
  8. Update project schedule
  9. Design selected UI and amend selected logo/s
  10. Purchased of Client's domain name done. (www.yasmincostumes.com)
  11. Researched into appropriate payment gateways (functionality, fees, etc), keeping in mind the transaction volume Client mentioned. Finalized registering with confirmed payment gateway
  12. Creation of different classes
  13. Submission of draft proposal

Week 1

  1. Submission of Final Proposal
  2. Update project schedule
  3. Start of our 2 identified metrics. We will plan our measurement activities carefully using 2 identified metrics because they can take significant early effort to implement and the payoff will come over time. Updates of the 2 metrics will be done every week.

1st Metric: Schedule Status Determination Metric
Project Process Improvement: We will document the actual date of completion of each deliverable and compare them with the estimated project scheduling chart from the team’s Schedule Status Determination Graph. This will help to identify trends and any risky events for possible mitigation actions to be taken.
- Actual time spent per project deliverable?
- Estimated time spent per project deliverable?

2nd Metric: Well - Balanced Lifestyle Metric
Project Process Improvement: To strike a well balanced lifestyle as this will allow us to feel good, contribute better and achieving our milestones.
Team members will update our individual files by Sunday noon and the Project Manager will compile and update the Master copy file by Monday noon.

Week 2

  1. Proposal graded by Prof Ben received. Our proposal and grading feedback has been posted in the IS480 blue website:
    http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2009-2010/Student/DeliverableTemplate.asp :D
  2. Design and find website templates as Client has provided feedback on the previous week
  3. Research for colour overlay using ImageMagick or other appropriate technology. Client has given some colors for the beads and sequins for the costumes (for the users to customize) and so we are trying to upload the colors automimatically into the designs when user is selecting.
  4. Meeting with Supervisor on Friday to inform him of updates so far
  5. Meeting with Client on Sunday for discussion on progress and project

For example:
a) Showed client the web templates and she will confirm the selected template by following week
b) Agreeable on the new customization method. Drag and drop would not be as feasible.

Week 3

  1. Bought the UI template that Client has approved.
  2. Integration of php codes with new template
  3. Color overlaying / manipulation. Our client has more or less given the colors for the beads, sequins and fabric and so we are trying to create the colors into the design costumes.
  4. Prototyping the customization gallery and other cosmetic matters such as improving on the site's homepage banner,etc
  5. Client requested to send 1 draft of homepage that is white background and the words/ boxes are in turquoise and the 2nd draft with turquoise background and white words/boxes
  6. Successful deployment of codes to team's purchased web server

Week 4

  1. Research on ImageMagick for customizing section and colour overlay techniques
  2. Colors given by Client have been extracted and color table for database has been created.
  3. Populate colors and costumes database into team’s server
  4. Continuation of prototyping the customization gallery
  5. Continuation of Photoshop image adjustments
  6. Separated the template into Model-View-Controller format using CodeIgniter architecture
  7. Development of authentication Functions (Registration, Member and Admin Login/ Logout, Password Management)done. If a registration has been completed, client will receive an email to finalize the registration.
  8. Adjust the new template's CSS and background
  9. Uploaded updated codes to team's web server
  10. Coding development of Production Management (Admin) started

Week 5

  1. We managed to solve how to upload the colors to the costumes that users are customizing
  2. As Team was able to solve problem and tested a sample site successfully, implementation of image overlay started
  3. Continuation of development for Customization Gallery
  4. Continuation of development of Production Management (Admin)
  5. Zoom implementation (to allow looking at the finer details) created
  6. Meeting with Supervisor on Friday for discussion on progress

Week 6

  1. Continuation of development for Customization Gallery
  2. Continuation of development of Production Management (Admin)
  3. Development for Cart & Checkout started
  4. Development for Purchasing Payment starting
  5. Worked on and submitted Mid Term Reflection to Supervisor and reviewer

Week 8

  1. Team had the full 10-hr duration for each of the 3 days we met to concentrate fully on our application
  2. Function of User registration, Profile Management and Ready-Made Costumes Section deployed ready but not yet integrated the customization part in the deployed website.
  3. Make a presentation to Prof Ben (Reviewer) as part of the mid-term reviews. (7 Oct at SIS Seminar Rm 3-1, 9.30am)
  4. Population of database into server
  5. Edit all costumes to appropriate sizes and effects (thumbnails, mouse-over effect, etc)
  6. Porting over all of the application codes to the new UI design was finally done.
  7. Continuation of development of the application !
  8. Meeting with Client on Sunday (11 Oct) to show on progress

Week 9

  1. Ported over but Team realized that there are problems installing the ImageMagick plug-gin with CodeIgniter. Because of this, Team had to reorganize the Cuztomization Gallery section and also source for other alternatives for Imagemagick manipulation. In the end, we used jQuery to manipulate them. This affected our project schedule as we needed to research and reorganize. :(
  2. Client sent more ready designs and accessories to be placed in the e-commerce.
  3. In another email the following day, client gave us more instructions / "business rules". For example: Saidi skirts have no hip belt AND Waist tassels, for hip belt and bra designs, lycra fabric is not allowed, etc.
  4. We sent her an email informing her that, due to the time constraint as well as complexity to re-organize or re-do some of the developments to follow the recent business rules given, we have think through them carefully. We sent her a word doc indicating if we are able to think to carry them out or not.
    It is difficult to re-design the code structure now as according to the business rules and the logic. We are now concentrating to finish the whole e-commerce system so as to ensure that it has the basic functions first to start the business. She has acknowledges and said okay.
  5. Extreme coding days together on Thursday from 11am to 11pm and on Friday from 11am to 3.30pm.

Week 10

  1. Had a meeting with Supervisor Tock Soon on Monday (2.30pm, SIS Room 4.7) to inform on progress and touch on his and Prof Ben's mid-term reviews.
  2. Switch testing/deployment to construction Phase
  3. Extreme coding days on Friday and Saturday from 10am to 8pm at SIS GSR 3.3
  4. We will focus on completing the remaining functionalities and testing our application to produce a stable version for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) with Client and another friend that she will be bringing along.
  5. Heavy testing and debugging. Bug tracking system implemented using team's collaborative method using Google Docs.

Week 11

  1. Had another meeting with Supervisor Tock Soon on Friday (2.30pm, SIS Room 4.7) to discuss with him on our worries of not being able to finish the project in time. He advised us to scale down each of the remaining functions, and inform and try to make Client understand our deadline. We also discuss Reviewer's and Supervisor's expectations for the Final Presentation on 30 Nov.
  2. Extreme coding days on Friday and Saturday from 12pm to 11pm at SIS Classroom.
  3. Bug finding and fixing.

Week 12

  1. Extreme coding days on Friday from 6pm onwards and Saturday from 11pm to 11pm at SIS GSR 3.2.
  2. Prepare Team's Poster <http://blue.smu.edu.sg/IS480/2009-2010/Posters/Term1/Team%20DeCAF2.pdf> and Logo and send them to Prof Ben and Ann Wong. They will hand IS480 posters in UPL and would like to invite all teams to have a booth (laptop) demo for our projects.
  3. Asked Client for a UAT (User Acceptance Test) this Friday, after 4pm. We informed her that she can bring along her friend(s) for the UAT to test out the functions in both the e-commerce and admin sites. (Awaiting her reply.)
  4. Functions done: Admin Customization page, Upload Your Design Section, Creation of water mark feature on all images , etc

Week 13

  1. Extreme coding day from Friday (13 Nov) morning onwards at SIS GSR 3.2.
  2. UAT was also done with Client at 4.00pm that day. As the website is already deployed online, we asked her to send the UAT plan document to 3 of her friends to perform the UAT from their side. They sent back the documents and provide us with their improvements/ feedback.
  3. In meeting/UAT, Client informed us that having seen our project, it has gave her the confidence in investing her resources and recreating the website on Adobe Flex instead with the help of a branding and marketing consultancy named ARIGIN. Therefore, our developed website will be used as a Proof of Concept where it demonstrates the feasibility and design of her business model.
  4. Client allowed us to drop the business rules that were given to us in Week 9 and focus more on creating and functions which will value add to her business in the near future. All these functions can be added to her requirements which would be given to ARIGIN.
  5. As such, Team enhanced our Administrator system to have a Business Analytics and Reporting Section which shows the sales of each month, current users by country, the countries which her costumes have been sold, etc. Thus, this section allows her to forecast her future sales and better understand her target market.
  6. Team have taken the necessary steps such as preparing the deployment and production server.
  7. Also, to assist the client in the handover, we have also created a Business Requirements document that details all her needs and requirements for the entire website, when the hired company takes over.

Week 14

  1. Extreme coding days and creation of Final Report, powerpoint slides and other documentations were done on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (16,17 and 18th Nov) at SIS Classroom 3.1 and SIS 4.2 (booked by Supervisor)
  2. FYP project about 91% DONE! :)
  3. - Study Break (Exams next week) -

Week 15

  1. - Exam period -
  2. Continuation of Final Report, Powerpoint slides, business requirement doc for Client and any other documentations to be submitted to Client and final submission to school by Sunday (29 Nov)
  3. Meetings with Team on Thursday (26 Nov) and Saturday (28 Nov)
  4. A meeting with Supervisor was held on Thursday to finalize and go through the expectations of final report and presentation.
  5. Project has been submitted to Supervisor and Reviewer on Sunday!!! =D

Week 16

  1. Final presentation is on 30 November 09 (Monday) at 3.30pm, SIS Seminar Room 3.1. Client will be attending.
  2. Team has been awarded the Bellydance Divas award of SGD1000!!! Woohooooooooooo!

Meeting Minutes & Other Documentations

Minutes from Team Meetings

Minutes from Client Meetings

Minutes from Supervisor Meetings