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designed by Jason Lim

Project Description

The primary focus of this project is to develop a highly intuitive and user-friendly desktop application that enables Standard Chartered (StanChart) clients to analyze their spending trends, based on their transaction history. We hope to achieve this by utilizing Flex SDK to develop an AIR application, which will enable us to build a rich user experience. By building an AIR application, we can also ensure multi-platform support, further increasing the value of our application.

Due to the surge in online social networking, many users have made it a part of their daily lives. To further improve our application’s value, we will incorporate twitter in to our application to serve as a form of communication between the users, the bank and other consumers.

Furthermore, our project will experiment with a new user emotive interface device, which will detect emotive input from users and translate them into real user commands. We hope by incorporating it into our application, human computer interaction can be taken to the next level, allowing users to interact with an application without physical inputs. The project duration will last for 15 weeks, from 17th August 2009 to 29th November 2009.


Presently, StanChart’s clients are only provided with access to a basic view of their transaction history in excel format that lack meaningful insights. Hence the goal of this project is to equip clients with a tool that help them manage their spending habits through a highly interactive user interface. Given a more informed understanding of their spending trends, StanChart’s clients would be able to plan and strategize their finances more effectively.

Additionally, through twitter updates on the application, StanChart’s clients can be readily informed on the latest announcements and available promotions. This certainly helps StanChart in increasing awareness of its available reward redemptions and latest news.

Business Value

Gain competitive edge.

Given that StanChart is the only bank that provides such a highly intuitive and user-friendly analytical application, it can expect to gain an edge over its competitors.

Higher customer satisfaction.

SpendAnalyzer is a novel innovation that provides users with meaningful and constructive information on their spending habits, which only StanChart clients can enjoy.

Increase customer base (retail banking).

As our application incorporates a social networking element, it helps to create an indirect pull on non StanChart users. Non-users of the application are made aware by current users, through social networking applications like twitter, thereby potentially increasing the banks customer base.


Role Name Position Project Involvement
  • Mr. Ashnil Dixit
  • Mr. Aananth Solaiyappan
Staff, Standard Chartered - Singapore
  • Identify the application requirements
  • Oversee the project development and implementation
Technical Support
  • Mr. Evan Kong
Staff, Standard Chartered - Singapore
  • Provide technical resources and support
  • Retail Consumers
Standard Chartered - Singapore
  • Test application
  • Provide feedback
  • Mr. Ng Tock Soon
SIS Lecturer, SMU
  • Advise and supervise the project team
  • Ms. Koh Lian Chee
iLab Manager
  • Advise and supervise the project team

Roles and Responsibilites

Team Member Role Responsibilities
Ong Qiuxuan Team Leader
  • Align team’s and various clients’ requirements
  • Monitor team’s progress in project
  • Quality management and risk mitigation
  • Programming and support UAT
Alexander Luke Chong Tze Yang Technical Lead
  • Manage technical developers’ progress
  • Programming and support UAT
  • Lead integration and test
  • Environment preparation
Tan Siyun Technical Architect
  • Application architecture
  • Database administrator
  • Programming and support UAT
Lim Dehua, Jason Designer
  • Main application graphics designer
  • Lead UAT planning and execution
  • Programming and support UAT
  • Liaison / Project administrator