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UT 4 Details

Venue: SMU Labs Level 3 and Download from Apple store
Date: 2nd April - 10th April 2018
Time: Flexible
Number of Participants: 33


  • Gather user feedback on our app function and UI.
  • Identify potential usability issues
  • Advise on business process to improve funtions


  • User registration
  • Receive OTP for notification
  • Log in/ Log out
  • Forget Password Function
  • Deliverer Image uploading
  • Task Posting
  • Task fee estimation
  • Task Viewing
  • In app map viewing
  • Task Accepting
  • Task Completion
  • Feedback


We have assigned roles to the team members, which includes:

  • Senders, to post task for delivery.
  • Deliverer, to view and accept task.
  • Conductor, record user reviews and note down bugs.

The users will carry out posting task and accepting task. Whom will then switch roles as sender and deliverer for a new task.

S/N Objective Attained?
1 Participant should be able to register using phone number Passed
2 Participant should be able to receive OTP code. Passed
3 Participant should be able to Log in with phone number. Passed
4 Participant should be able to choose either sender or deliverer. Passed
5 Deliverer should be able to upload image for verification. Passed
6 Sender should be able to post task with item description and route. Passed
7 Sender should be able to view delivery fee estimation. Passed
8 Deliverer should be about to view existing task. Passed
9 Deliverer should be able to accept task. Passed
10 Deliverer should be able to view map in app. Passed
11 Deliverer should be able to click on task completion. Passed
12 Sender should be able to view task completed status. Passed
13 User should be able to retrieve a forgotten password. Passed
14 User should be able to submit feedback. Passed

Key Findings

Functions Feedback Changes
No PayPal / visa payment (User Module) User find that cash payment can be a hassle at times, better to have online visa payment. In future can add in online payment system.
Reward Point system (User Module) Some user prefer to have a reward point system when making many tasks. Such points can be used such as free delivery. Add in reward point system for user.
Performance Lag happens for some iPhone when pressed on estimation fee. Refine integration and algorithm.
IOS version IOS Version 11 below can not download our application. Due to the map API requires IOS 11, we will have to suggest our users to update their IOS system.
Fonts Some Fonts on home page is Italian and some is not, this is a bit unpleasant to the eye. Unify fonts