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Project Overview

Project Management


Personas Prototypes Meeting Minutes Diagrams Technologies User Testing Deliverables

Test Plan

Venue: SGH, Alexandra Hospital, NUH, NUS
Date: 5 - 6 April 2018
Duration: ~ 30 minutes per user
Number of Participants: 67
User Test: Instructions can be found here:
UAT 2 Admin Instructions
UAT 2 Professor Instructions
UAT 2 Student Instructions

Demographics of participants

Role Number of participants
Admin 5
Professors 6
Students, year 2 15
Students, year 3 25
Students, year 4 13
Students, year 5 3
Zenith uat2.jpg


  • Determine if user interface is intuitive, and preferred over last version
  • Discover usability problem which users might face


  • Create/delete student, professor and admin accounts
  • Delete cases
  • Add/delete approaches
  • Add/delete specialty/sub-specialty
  • View analytics dashboard
  • Professor
  • Update Profile
  • Upload cases
  • Vet cases
  • View analytics dashboard
  • Students
  • Update profile
  • Upload cases
  • Case challenge
  • View analytics dashboard


Participants will be given a consent form prior to the user testing. Once signed, they will be handed the study tasks instructions. We will encourage them to think aloud and ask questions as they attempt to complete the tasks, and note down the participant's comments. Participants will complete a post-test questionnaire at the end of their user testing.

Key Findings

Likes Areas for improvements

Lesser Participants Struggling with UI
Positive think aloud data
Familiar format of cases
Dashboard is useful

Increase number of MCQ options (done)
Display mark allocation for each question (done)
Cases for each year of study

Overall Results

Zenith UAT2 results.png

Average increase of 0.42