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===Deployed site link===
===Deployed site link===
View our web application [http://www.themedsense.com here]!
[[Image: Zenith deployment link.jpeg |600px|link=http://www.themedsense.com]]
===Project Highlights===
===Project Highlights===

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Project Overview

Project Management


Main Wiki

Midterm Wiki Final Wiki

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Project Progress Summary

Midterm Slides

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Deployed site link

Zenith deployment link.jpeg

Project Highlights

Our project schedule is divided into 13 iterations.

  • We are currently on our 9th iteration.
  • Up till (date), we have completed (percentage)% of our development progress.
  • 1 User Acceptance Test was conducted before Midterms. The results are shown here.

Unexpected events:

  • New team of clients
  • Changing of roles within our team
  • List of requirement changes can be viewed here.

Project Management

Project Status:

Zenith midterm scope.png

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):

Planned (Acceptance) Actual (Midterms)

Zenith midterm expected schedule.png

Zenith midterm actual schedule.png

Major changes:

  • Removal of UAT 1 at client's request. Client is unable to get NUS medical students for the user testing as it coincides with their exam period.

View our detailed schedule here!

Project Metrics:

Summary of analysis for the metrics collected. You may refer to another page for the details about the metrics and how it is collected.

Project Risks:

Update the proposal assumptions and risks. Describe what you learn from the risk update and mitigation steps taken.

Be sure to prioritize the risks.

Technical Complexity:

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing (NLP) was used for the automated marking of open-ended questions.

Added security features

In December 2017, our MongoDB database was compromised and held hostage by ransomware. We were instructed to pay 0.1 bitcoin (USD $1594) for the return of our data. Fortunately, we had backed up the data so there was no need for us to pay the ransom. Since this incident, we have taken additional measures to ensure that this does not happen again.

Quality of product

Provide more details about the quality of your work. For example, you designed a flexible configurable system using XML.config files, uses Strategy Design Pattern to allow plugging in different strategy, implement a regular expression parser to map a flexible formula editor, etc.

Intermediate Deliverables:

There should be some evidence of work in progress.

Not all parts of the deliverables are necessary but the evidence should be convincing of the progress. Try to include design deliverables that shows the quality of your project.


In an iterative approach, ready to use system should be available (deployed) for client and instructions to access the system described here (user name). If necessary, provide a deployment diagram link.


Describe the testing done on your system. For example, the number of user testing, tester profile, test cases, survey results, issue tracker, bug reports, etc.


In this section, describe what have the team learn? Be brief. Sometimes, the client writes a report to feedback on the system; this sponsor report can be included or linked from here.

Team Reflection:

Any training and lesson learn? What are the take-away so far? It would be very convincing if the knowledge is share at the wiki knowledge base and linked here.

Benjamin Gan Reflection:

You may include individual reflection if that make sense at this point. The team is uncooperative and did not follow my instructions.