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Test Plan

Who is responsible for testing?

Quality Assurance (QA) is responsible for executing the test plan in every Sprint.

  1. The QA can assign team member specific roles for a set of test cases.
  2. QA is to ensure that the bugs are resolved during the Sprint.
  3. He/She is to report to the Project Manager should there be any deviations.

When to do it?

There are 3 environments which testing will be conducted in:

  1. During Development (Day 1 - 7)
    1. During development, the QA will construct test cases and test the features using testrpc.
    2. For development, the developers will connect to the Staging Environment for the Ethereum Network
  2. Staging (Day 8 - 11)
    1. Database and Used wallets will be Purged
    2. Regression Testing
  3. Production (Day 12 - 14)
    1. Regression Testing

Test Setup

Virtual Machines are hosted on Digital Ocean. The machines are delegated specific roles, as agreed between the Team and the Sponsor.

Local Testing: testrpc, Ethereum Network in Staging Environment

Automated testing: Truffle, MochaJS

Regression Testing: done by QA via Postman for API

  • Use respective test cases to test the features

When to fix bugs?

Bugs are to be resolved ideally within the same Sprint. However, it will depend on the criticality as well.

  1. Before Iteration ends during allocated day in Schedule
  2. Ensure bug metrics to be fixed accordingly
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