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Duckyking about us.png   ABOUT US


Duckyking project overview.png   PROJECT OVERVIEW


Duckyking project management.png   PROJECT MANAGEMENT


Ducky king documentation.png   DOCUMENTATION


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Presentation Sites

Fonts to Install
Acceptance Minutes

Mid Terms

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Component Description Specification
Project Management Project Schedule Project Schedule
Meeting Minutes Meeting Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Risk Management Risk Management
Change Management Change Management
Requirements Project Overview Project Overview
Project Scope Project Scope
Analysis Personas and Scenarios Personas & Scenarios
Diagrams Diagrams
Project Implementation Technology Technology
Testing (Documents and Results) Internal Testing Internal Testing
FlowLabs Middleware User Testing FlowLabs Middleware
FlowAdmin User Testing FlowAdmin
UAT 1 (Middleware & FlowAdmin) UAT 1
UAT 2 (Middleware & FlowAdmin) UAT 2
UAT 3 (Middleware & FlowAdmin) UAT 3
Handover Documentation FlowLabs Handover Documentation Documentation

Flow Demo Sites

Flow Admin