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<gallery mode=packed-overlay perrow=2 heights=180px>
<gallery mode=packed-overlay perrow=2 heights=180px>
File:DK_Login.jpg | Admin Login Page
File:DK_Login.jpg | Flow Admin Login Page
File:IPMAN_Packing_LoFi.jpg | Packing Coffee Page
File:DK_ViewAuction.jpg | View Auction Page
File:IPMAN_Customer_LoFi.jpg | Customer Details Page
File:DK_AuctionDetail.jpg | Auction Details Page
File:IPMAN_CustAddOrder_LoFi.jpg | Customer Add Order Form
File:DK_Dashboard.jpg | Analytics Dashboard
File:IPMAN_CustEditOrder_LoFi.jpg | Customer Edit Order Page
File:IPMAN_Marketing_LoFi.jpg | Email Marketing Page
File:IPMAN_Inventory_LoFi.jpg | Inventory Page
File:IPMAN_Analysis_LoFi.jpg | Analysis Page

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