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The IS480 wiki is a public wiki. You need to specifically request for a private wiki. We prefer that IS480 wiki stays public for the convenience and open learning environment that we want to maintain.

A public wiki posts some issues.

  • If you browse other team wikis or public domain wikis to learn how they do certain format, content, updates, etc, please credit them in your wiki. Note that we can view the history of the edits. Plagiarism is taken very seriously. It does not have to be wholesale copy to plagiarise.
  • If you sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), you are responsible to maintain the NDA. Please read NDA.

Here are SMU wiki policy

  1. Terms of use
  2. Wiki Policy
  3. Intellectual Property


  1. Knowledge base
  2. Wikipedia Cheat Sheet
  3. MediaWiki User's Guide
  4. MediaWiki FAQ
  5. MediaWiki Configuration settings list
  6. Mediawikiwiki:Manual:Navigation bar this MediaWiki:Sidebar
  7. ImageMap


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