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LIM Suet Fang (no SE)
LIM Suet Fang (no SE)
Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (Blue cover) S/N: R31D20XEFCK IMEI: 353845/05/655907/4 [Lim Zi Yan Evangeline] Samsung returned 4th May 2016
Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (Blue cover) S/N: R31D20XEFCK IMEI: 353845/05/655907/4 [Lim Zi Yan Evangeline] Samsung returned 4th May 2016
XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320428986 IMEI: 864895025194380 [Mandes Sim Yu Tien]<br/>
XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320428986 IMEI: 864895025194380 [Mandes Sim Yu Tien, returned on 8th May 2016]<br/>
Team's Pitch
Team's Pitch
[ 1]<br/>
[ 1]<br/>

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2015/2016 Term 2

Schedule. Inform course coordinator by 4 Oct (no teams will be added after that date), please submit your 2 page proposal by 19 Oct.


  • Please schedule acceptance, midterm & final. Time slots are inclusive of Q&A.
  • Please refer to grading, video & guide.
  • The entire team must be at the presentation. Supervisors and course coordinator must be at Acceptance. Reviewers must be at Midterm. Supervisor & first reviewer must be at the Finals. The team should invite the sponsor.

Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Alan MEGARGEL Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & XIONG Jie


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Alexandra Health Project 3: KTPH Psychological Medicine Clinic Patient Case Management System (Web and / or Mobile Application) Our team aims to provide an efficient case management platform to seamlessly integrate the different responsibilities of the staff at Khoo Teck Puat Hospital’s Psychological Medicine Clinic (PsyMed). While Integrated Health Information System’s (IHIS) SAP Sunrise provides appointment scheduling and patient history, the current implementation at the PsyMed clinic proved to be inadequate to cater to the needs of Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Case Managers, Data Collection Managers and Operation Managers in their mission to provide quality Psychological help to its patients. With our new Case Management System, we hope to contribute by connecting various PsyMed stakeholders by eliminating paper forms, improving communication, simplifying information transfers, providing patient statistics, as well as streamlining and improving the patient treatment process which will all be tested by real patients and clinic staff during our pilot study(Our X-Factor).

  1. ANITA
  2. HOE Xiu Ming
  4. LEE Roy Kiat
  5. Siti Aishah Binte ABDUL RAHIM
Alexandra Health Psy Med Clinic (Dr Clarence Goh, Ong Chai Cheong & Lin Hong Hui)


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

Alexandra Hospital Project 2: Therapy Buddy – portable (web or mobile) application Therapy Buddy is a responsive web application for KTPH – Rehabilitation Clinic targeting at patient education and motivation. The application aids patients in performing their rehabilitation exercises in a better and timely manner at home. Patients will be able to view videos assigned specifically to their conditions and perform the exercises diligently with the help of reminders.

The application allows therapists and patients to track their progress and feedbacks can be given to patients with regards to their progression so as to guide them along as they recover. Additionally, Therapy Buddy aims to add an element of fun to the exercises by incorporating “gamification” into the patient’s rehabilitation exercises.

  1. Akrita CHAUDHARY
  2. TOH Zi Kun
  3. James CHUA Shan Yong
  4. Ugine CHUA Yi Yang
  5. Sarah CHOW Si Min
  6. TAN Hong Jie
Jonathan Tan- Executive, Rehabilitation Clinic in KTPH
Alan MEGARGEL MOK Heng Ngee & Steven HOI

Team VI

Hui Qi & Rui from Pied Piper
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

The team proposes a web based student monitoring and business analysis tool for Explore and Learn Pte Ltd, an enrichment center in Singapore which leverages on QR techniques and data analytics.

  1. LEE Xin Ying
  2. TANG Zhi Wen
  3. YAP Yi Lin
  4. Elfie Bin SUBADI
  5. ONG Hui Qi
  6. SONG Rui
Wong Bing Xiang, Explore and Learn Pte Ltd
Alan MEGARGEL Chris BOESCH & Yingjiu LI

Technical Advantage

Team's Pitch Advantagepart1.flv 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Nielsen - Automating Mentor-Mentee matching. Nielsen has currently rolled out a mentoring initiative which pairs mentors and mentees based on their skills and areas of interest. This process of gathering information, matching and follow up are currently being done manually. Our project looks to streamline and automate the process used for the mentoring program. Our proposed platform supports a unique smart matching algorithm which helps mentees and mentors to find their most desired matches, reduce man hours spent for HR and end to end waiting time users by more than 50%, as well as to monitor these mentorships in a simple and user-friendly manner. We aim to achieve >15 matches amongst 50 users by Midterm.

  1. Clemence CHING Jun Han
  2. LIM Teck Chai
  3. CHANG Hua Hong
  4. LOH Wei Jun
Joan Heng, Executive Director, David Gauci – Vice President, Global Learning , Hillary Si) – Intern , Nielsen
Benjamin Gan MOK Heng Ngee & Chris BOESCH


Mok Yao Kun & Nicholas from Term 1 Bada-Bing-Bada-Boom
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

KnockKnock fosters a marketplace which allows explorers to join or share local experience through a personalised trip on-the-go! It opens the door to many well kept secret places that only locals can unlock! We cater to all whether you're a aspiring local who is eager to share your local experience and earn some extra money during your free time by fulfilling on demand requests or are a curious explorer trying knock your way into the most authentic local experience.

  1. LYE Han Wei
  2. Don TEO Yuan Cheng
  3. Brenda KOH Siu Wei
  4. MOK Yao Kun
  5. Nicholas Vincent CHAN Wai Kit
  6. NGO Kee Kai
Self proposed, EDB Strategic Planning, Assistant Head, SIS Alum, Joshua Nair
Benjamin Gan Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL & Steven HOI


Daniel from Echo
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5
Final 1

StaffOnDemand - StaffOnDemand Mobile Application StaffOnDemand mobile application aims to connect jobseekers to job openings offered by local SMEs and to aid them in monitoring their career progression. Users of this application include people who are actively looking for a job and people who want to monitor their career progression.proximitybased job applications.

  1. Matthew LUO Weisheng
  2. Ivan NG Yu Kai
  3. NGUYEN Ba Kieu Oanh
  4. Jeremy Brandon KWEK Jia Ming
  5. Ian CHEAH Shen-yang
  6. Daniel YEONG Weng Wen
Jagdish Udeykumar Chandiramani, SIS alumni, Christine Liu, staffondemand.sg
Benjamin Gan Benjamin Gan


Acceptance 1 2
Final 1 2 3 4 5

SMU PPLog 2.0 for IS203 – Software Engineering (http://violet.smu.edu.sg/pplog) Our project aims to re-engineer and extend upon the current Pair Programming Log (PPLog) used by SMU School of Information Systems (SIS), for IS 203 - Software Engineering. Specifically, the areas that we are looking to work on are: ● Improving the user interface to provide users with an improved user experience ● Enable real-time collaboration on creating and maintaining the project schedule ● Integration with Git version control management ● Implementation of push deployment of students’ application to SMU SIS’s server using Linux Containers (LXC) for environment isolation

  1. Andre NG Hao Yuan (CMU Fast track)
  2. LAM Kee Wei (CMU Fast track)
Lee Yeow Leong, SIS
Benjamin Gan XIONG Jie & Yingjiu LI


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

Dynamic Event Solution Eventures aims to help event managers of medium to large scale events, such as carnivals and trade shows, improve their visitor experience whilst gaining insights on visitor behavioral patterns during the event. Visitors will be able to conveniently access useful information like crowd levels / search for POIs/ promotional material whilst their activities are captured and used to generate insights for the planning of future events.

  1. Joshua QUEK Khai Min
  2. Jimmy SOH Zhi Min
  3. Ranon SIM Wen Yang
  4. Jeremy KUAH Pin Ren
  5. Nekesh Vijayan NAIR
  6. CHEONG Shu Juan
Mr. Christopher Lam

Mr. Yusuke Takahashi Mr. Yuki Kamiya Mr. Clinston Tan , NEC

Benjamin Gan Steven HOI & Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL


Term 1 Dina from Pied Piper
Team's Pitch 1
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

Edmund Foo - Smart Hawker Smart Hawker aims to offer a free, simple and effective mobile platform to aid Hawkers in running their business. The mobile application will help streamline their operations to ensure that proper information management, record keeping and tax filing is done. This enhances the hawker’s ability to track business performance, improve decision making and identify critical areas that require action. Our X-Factor would be to attain 30 Hawkers to use our system and for it to be used commercially.

  1. VONG Randy
  2. Mark LEE Jia Hong
  3. Sheryl TAY Shee Theng
  4. PHI Tien Dung
  5. Dina HENG Li Gwek
Edmund Foo, Culinary/F&B Consultant and an Associate Lecturer (F&B Management) at Republic Polytechnic
Chris BOESCH Steven HOI & MOK Heng Ngee


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Bénévole Améliorer would be an extension and improvement of Epauler, a web-based volunteer management system built by Team Bénévole previously for Project Happy Feet. There will be modifications to the current systems (Volunteer & Beneficiaries Management System) to make the databases more comprehensive for the organization. Also, we will be integrating a new Donors Management System to include the Donors into the existing network of users. This improved web application will be deployed and ready for live usage. Riding on the successful growth of Project Happy Feet, we will build an Android mobile application for the volunteers which will allow notifications to be pushed to them when they are on-the-go.

  1. CHIA Wei Yong
  2. Charlene TANG Xi-en
  3. JIAO Yige
  4. Eugene YONG Wei Jie
Ms. Deborah Chew, the co-founder, Grace Chia – Director & Co-Founder, Mark Lim – Creative Director, Project Happy Feet

Chosen Six

SingHealth withdraw project Term 1 iPhone5, Black 16GB (orange cover) S/N: C37K8C7HDTWD IMEI: 013556006185066 [Shangeri SIVALINGAM] Returned 25 April 2016
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Henderson Home, a branch of Centre for Seniors is facing a shortage of manpower. She has insufficient staff to run the home and to take the elderly for their medical appointments. Our app CareGuide, has two renditions, a web application for the staff to post voluntary activities which is mainly to accompany elderly of the home for their medical appointments and a mobile application for volunteers to apply for these voluntary activities. With CareGuide, we aim to ease the shortage of manpower at Henderson Home by recruiting volunteers.

  1. Jonathan LOW Jianhao
  2. YONG Lee Jia
  3. Shangeri SIVALINGAM
  4. Clara ANG Jia En
  5. CHIANG Ling Yi
  6. CHANG Hua Peng
Mr. Eyung Lim, Ms. Zi Yun and Ms. Jacqueline, IDA
Chris BOESCH XIONG Jie & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3
Final 1

In this project, we will be building a web application for our client. This web application would act as an additional and alternative medium to support their core business functions namely the marketing and selling of their health and beauty products. In fulfilment of the support of their core functions, our web application would consist of basic functions such as user management, product management and order management. In addition, our web application would be using digital marketing analytic tools to track users buying behaviour and sales analytic tools to track sales performance. To enhance customer relationship management, our web application would be able recommend our client’s customers products based on their buying and browsing history in order to meet their needs.

  1. WU Di
  2. WEI Xiaoxin
  3. XING Yujie
  4. YEE Shu Wen
Natural Crystal Product, Crystal Yeh – Managing Director
Chris BOESCH Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & MOK Heng Ngee


Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (black cover) S/N: RF1D82AXEBZ IMEI: 357800/05/988598/0 XiaoMi 3 16GB (Black) S/N: 501120002533 IMEI: 865002022903728 [Dan Dan Thio] [returned both phones May 9th 2016]
Team's Pitch 1
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Contacts# will be a mobile application (the “app”) on the Android platform. The app aims to replace the native Android contacts app for our target users. The app will integrate contacts with notes, reminders and improve productivity of our primary target users, financial consultants (“FCs”), through features such as Auto-Group and Smart Search. The X-factors of the project are to raise S$20,000 in funding, 500 Google Play Store downloads, and 50 active users by the end of the project.

  1. Dan Dan THIO Chee Lin
  2. Alvin NEO Yong Peng
  3. Stanley SOH Han Cherng
  4. Sebastian HADINATA
  5. REN Mengxi
  6. ZHAO Yazhi
Self Proposed, IIE mentor, Krishna Kumar NALLUR
Chris BOESCH Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL& Steven HOI


Term 1
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3 4
MidTerm 1 2 3
Final 1

Learning Analytics Web Application (LAWA), aims to create a flexible platform for Instructors and Learners to improve learner engagement. It has been identified by Tribe Studios that there is a need to analyze and discover meaningful patterns from data recorded by Learners’ in the LMS (owned by Tribe Studios). Thus, we will translate these data into insights into functions that will

  1. Alex ONG Yan Zhi
  2. Daniel GOH Kah Hoe
  3. Ang Kai Jie
  4. Khoo Pei Sin
  5. Ng Shi Min
  6. Soon Zhengxiang
Daniel Shim, Technical Manager from Tribe Studios
Chris BOESCH MOK Heng Ngee & Alan MEGARGEL


Vu & Nguyen from Snapback
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

ProgneSIS is building a web application, VersaFleet Analytics, which is in turn built on top of VersaFleet - a logistics operations management solution. It analyses and translates raw business data generated by VersaFleet into actionable business insights for the logistics SMEs through dashboards with interactive graphs, charts and business suggestions to assist business owners and operations manager.

  1. Karen LIM Wen Yan
  2. GOH Yi Xuan
  3. Claudia FOONG Pui Shuen
  4. Eva TAN Guan Hua
  5. VU Hoang Minh
Sypher Labs Pte Ltd, Shamir Rahim
MOK Heng Ngee Alan MEGARGEL & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


Xin Yi from Vantage
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

ECO Singapore - ECO Web App Eco Singapore is seeking to rebuild their current web application. New users of the web application will be able to register using their social media accounts. Users can submit documents recording their utilities bill indicating the amount of resources saved, as well as green products they have purchased, and earn points to redeem rewards by selecting their choice from a catalogue in the application. A calendar will also be added to the web application so that users will be able to keep track of events. The web application will feature a social media newsfeed where posts with the relevant hashtags will be grabbed and displayed on the web application. In addition, users can participate in community involvement projects or initiate one, where they will then have to submit a report of what they have done to earn points. Users can also earn points by registering to take a pledge to carry out an environmental action, and sharing this on social media with the relevant hashtag.

  1. TAY Guang Wen
  2. Gauri BHATNAGAR
  3. YAP Wei Heng
  4. LIM Xin Yi
  5. SIN Xin Yee
Wilson Ang, eco-singapore.org
MOK Heng Ngee Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & XIONG Jie


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

NEC Workplace Health Promotion Application Our application aims to make employees aware of their daily nutrition intake and workout routine by keeping track of their calorie intake, designating fitness activities for them to complete and recommending solutions to improve their quality of health. Our application will include the gamification of some features to promote self-motivation for our users. We believe this is our applications X factor.

  1. EI Pwint Phyu
  2. YAP Dun Yong
  3. KHIN Thandar Lwin
  4. Kevin PEH
  5. Prekshaa Poornanand UPPIN
  6. LI Caichan
Teh Eng Khoon, Senior Researcher, NEC
MOK Heng Ngee Chris BOESCH & Steven HOI

Nan Bo Wang

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9505 black mist (brown cover) S/N: RF1D82AXZEP IMEI: 357800/05/989195/4 [Samantha Lee] Returned 25/04/2016 Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

GTL - Wheels4Food Our team will be designing and implementing an online platform to coordinate the logistical challenges faced by Volunteer Welfare Organisations (VWO) to transfer donated items (food, clothes, and basic necessities). At the same time, our project aims to promote the principle of shared value through collaboration with volunteers by implementing a mobile application to take up delivery jobs on the go so as to drive efficient allocation of resources to VWOs in Singapore.

  1. Andrew LIM Chang Jun
  2. LIM Wei Fa
  3. Samantha LEE Wan Shan
  4. Valerie LEE Ying
  5. ZHONG Weixiang
Andrew Beng DHL, Michelle Kan SMU, Anson Quek FFTH, GTL project & iCity
Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL Chris BOESCH & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1 2 3 4 5
Final 1

We will build a wholeofgovernment platform for government agencies to conduct web A/B testing on existing internet and intranet sites, to improve citizen engagement and user experience in a datadriven way. The system will conduct website experiments from the clientside, by serving a Javascript snippet that runs in the client browser to modify the currently displayed page (change text size, replace text or images, etc.) in realtime while preserving the user experience. It then measures visitors’ engagement (page clicks, play embedded video, etc.) for each experimental variant, and displays the results in an interactive dashboard. Team Hei same project for email.

  1. Kathy BOEY Siu Ching
  2. LIM Lai Ho
  3. LEE Chiang Fong
  4. Kenny LIM Jianyi
  5. Alex NG Jun Hong
Eyung Lim & Jean LOOI, IDA Government Digital Services. GDS staff
Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL Steven HOI & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


Poon & Loh Caretakers
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

Starteur for Educators is a web application for the Starteur Test, a psychometric profiling tool for students who are interested in start-ups and entrepreneurship. The application aids educators in managing their students and administering the Starteur test to them. Educators will also be able to view individual student test reports as well as batch reports to gain a deeper insight into their student or class’s entrepreneurial profile.

  1. POON Chor Yi
  2. LOH Chung Kit
  3. JE Min Jeon
  4. TAN Kia Yong
Khairul Rusydi – Founder & CEO

Reactor Industries Pte Ltd Reactor Research

Steven HOI Chris BOESCH & XIONG Jie


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1
TOH Xin Ning withdrawn

SIMTech - NFC-Based Collection & Delivery System on Android Develop the Collection, Delivery, Management System (CDMS) system based on mobile technologies such as Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled Android/iOS Platform devices. This project aims to improve managing and tracking of task activities of the administrator and the driver respectively. This system tracks the couriers and task activities on a real time basis using Google maps and NFC/Barcode event capture.

  1. Joachim FU Jun Hao
  2. Ray TONG
  3. Terence LIM Zhenghong
  4. WANG Zhaowei
  5. TEE An Ting, Chris TOH
He Wei, SIMTech & LI Yingjiu
Steven HOI Benjamin GAN Kok Siew & MOK Heng Ngee


Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (yellow cover) S/N: RF1D228EZVY IMEI: 354792/05/343912/5 [Zhang Yuxuan] Returned 27 April 2016
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

This project aims to create a musical notation generating system on Android. This application can capture the specific beat for every input notation by tapping the musical keyboard shown on the phone and create musical notes to numerical musical notations. Users can also edit the input musical notation and play back their musical creation. Furthermore, users can input English/Chinese lyrics and save their musical creations to pdf format.

  1. ZHANG Yuxuan
  2. HONG Liyuan
  3. MUI Soon Wan
  4. WANG Tianjing
Hendri Zhang : Director of My Great Life Company Pte Ltd. Jeremaine Yeo: Musician and Singer
Steven HOI Yingjiu LI & Benjamin GAN Kok Siew


LIM Suet Fang (no SE) Samsung Note 2 GT-N7105 white (Blue cover) S/N: R31D20XEFCK IMEI: 353845/05/655907/4 [Lim Zi Yan Evangeline] Samsung returned 4th May 2016 XiaoMi 4 16GB (White) S/N: 785320428986 IMEI: 864895025194380 [Mandes Sim Yu Tien, returned on 8th May 2016]
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Resorts World at Sentosa - RWS Career Portal. This project aims to build a user-friendly and functional Android mobile application with a vibrant interface that provides casual job seekers a fast and simple platform to apply for a variety of non-executive jobs by RWS Group on the go, as well as an admin web portal to streamline RWS’ hiring process in filling up these casual job positions.

  1. Mandes SIM Yu Tien
  2. Eileen SOH Yi Lin
  3. Evangeline LIM Zi Yan
  4. NG Poh Hui
Rachel ONG, HR Manager, Cheryl POON, HR Representative, Jason LIANG, Resorts World at Sentosa
Steven HOI Yingjiu LI & Chris BOESCH

Sky High

HongMi (Pink) S/N: 651620003079 IMEI: 865424022026245 HongMi (Yellow) S/N: 651820050043 IMEI: 865624023430094 [TANG Sing Yuen]
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1 2 3 4
Final 1

SMU Car Pool A carpooling mobile application that is designed exclusively for SMU students and staff. The application aims to create transport opportunities for the SMU community where students are able to conveniently travel from or to school by hitching a ride from those with car. As the project values safety, a safe driving feature is enabled to analyze the speed and performance of the driver. With this platform, SMU students are able to efficiently commute to their destination while saving their transport expenses and forging new bonds among the SMU community.

  1. TANG Sing Yuen
  2. Siti Rabiatul Adawiyah Bte HAIRY
  3. TEO Hui Min
  4. Jason ONG Weihao
  5. SIM Jing Xiang
NEC Clinston Tan, Solutions Engineer


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

GFA - Web-based Platform for GFA The main purpose of this project is to build a web application that can collect, verify and analyze data. The application would be developed for three different users, namely the companies who are applying for or renewing the Green Freight Label certification, assessment partners, as well as Green Freight Asia (GFA). Thus an important aspect of the application would be the implementation of data security for users to exercise different access rights when viewing the data. For instance, GFA is only able to view the aggregated data that are anonymized, while the assessment partners are able to view all information from the applicants.

  1. Jocelyn LOE Wan Ning
  2. WANG Sijia
  3. CHIN Yan Xiu
  4. CHEN Xueye
  5. WANG Jingxuan
Mr. Stephan Schablinski, GFA (DHL DSC) Green Freight Asia Network Ltd
Steven HOI Alan MEGARGEL & Prakash Chandra SUKHWAL


Term 1
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

The aim of this project is to develop a resource management system (SymplCMS) for Viatick to manage all web resources being used in different applications. It is not limiting only to physical resources such as image, video, file, etc. It could be used as database for different applications by representing resources as objects with list of key/value pairs. On top of that, this application also provides valuable insights for Viatick and their clients regarding to the performance of any apps utilizing our systems by measuring object/resource interaction, for example: top view/hit object, API performance, traffic's sources, etc. The system is complemented with web and mobile version for non-technical user while providing a comprehensive set of Restful API for experienced developers. We will also incorporate various modules, such as customer support modules to further aid Viatick's communication with their clients.

  1. PHAN Vuong Ngoc Huyen
  2. DO Nguyen Thai Binh
  3. VO Minh Khoi
  4. LE Phuong Viet
  5. PHAM Minh Khoa
Viatick Pte.Ltd, Mr Edmund
XIONG Jie Chris BOESCH & Steven HOI


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Sterling Engineering Team Elements is building a School Management System that will provide our client, Sterling Training Hub, with a complete solution to manage and operate a Training Facility. The system is a web application, deployed on to our client’s server. With this system, the school administrator will be able to run the facility with tasks such as course scheduling, registration management, facility booking, etc, while an E-learning portal will be incorporated to enhance students learning experience

  1. Cassandra THAI Jia Ying
  2. NGUYEN Nhat Minh
  3. Matthew YEE Guan Feng
  4. Stella WONG Hui Min
Mr Marc Sim, Sterling Engineering


Arnold from Pied Piper
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Koh Bus - Project 2 Meal Order App Eureka aims to create a new business model, a web application that provides lunch delivery service for Koh Bus’ clients. This new food ordering system helps to streamline his clients’ existing food ordering process. The proposed solution would also be scalable such that, should Koh Bus seek to further expand this new business model, new companies will face little difficulty in implementing the proposed solution. This web application focuses on streamlining batch food orders, unlike the conventional food delivery web applications that are available in the market.

  1. Angelia Sari Dewi
  2. Arnold LEE Wai Tong
  3. Chris Cheng Xin Jie
  4. Koh Boon Hui
  5. Koh Lang Xin
  6. Tan Si Ning
Koh Edmund, kohbus.sg


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

We will be building a web application called Recco that aims to help Project Managers of Ripplewerkz save time by visualizing the overall ability of development resources using a forecast and recommendation function based on an algorithm that takes into account factors such as public holidays, load factor, developer’s skill set, frequency on a given type of project, experience in the company, efficiency, bugs found from previous projects, and project urgency. Project information would be integrated to work with a third party software, Trello, which Ripplewerkz is currently using. There would also be a bug tracking function which will allow Project Managers to effectively track bugs found in a single project. Project Managers would be able to have a holistic view of all projects on hand. Recco will be launched live and implemented on Ripplewerkz after completion.

  1. TAN Kai Wen
  2. KHIEW Kian Lam
  3. Kesmeen TAN Jia Min
  4. Max CHUA
  5. LAU Guo Xi
Lionel Chin (Co-founder/director), Ripplewerkz


Term 1 Scorpio
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
Final 1

Remix intends to build The Shipyard Project Management System (TSPMS) to manage multiple projects for The Shipyard, a small startup specializing in web-­application development. TSPMS will generate project progress reports, provide effective communication channels, allow monitoring of project repositories and provide analytical functions that will help project managers with resource allocation.

  1. YUAN Yuxuan
  2. YEONG Foong Wai
  3. LU Ning
  4. YANG Chengzhen
  5. LIM Anyu
  6. WANG Tiantong
Wil NG, Director/Co-Founder of the Shipyard Private Limited, SIS alumni
Yingjiu LI Chris BOESCH & XIONG Jie


Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2 3
MidTerm 1
Final 1

Vendor Supplier Management System (VSMS) is a B2B web application which seeks to simplify the supply order making process of restaurants by allowing the ordering of supplies according to the forecasted demand of their dishes. This app also makes use of vendors' data provided by Foodingo to establish recipe databases and supplier data to recommend suppliers to vendors, allowing for easy networking between suppliers and vendors.

  1. Vincent TATAN
  2. Joel GNUI Zixiong
  3. Timothy CHEUNG Chi Wang
  4. LIU Bowei
  5. Benjamin ANG Si Jian
Yosin Anggusti & Rehan Arif - Founder, Foodingo
Yingjiu LI Steven HOI & Chris BOESCH


LIM Jian Xian from & CHEN Chun Xiao from Echo
ZAM Sian Nem (no SE)
Team's Pitch 1
Acceptance 1 2
MidTerm 1
Final 1

ShenCARE.com - e-platform for eldercare products and services Our team will build an android version of ShenCARE.com, a digital platform that collates eldercare products and services into with the intention to bring together the health care community to support the elderly. We aim to design an intuitive and easy to use ShenCARE mobile platform that: • Provide a one-stop platform for care givers to purchase eldercare products • Collate eldercares services for senior citizens to engage eldercare services • Encourage active aging community by showing events that senior citizen can sign up for • Allow ShenCARE mobile app user to sign up as a volunteer

  1. XU Xiaoxia
  2. LIANG Bing
  3. Ronny Wijaya ALAMSYAH (was LoA)
  4. CHEN Chun Xiao
  5. LIM Jian Xian
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