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|style="text-align: center;"|Usability Test 1
|style="text-align: center;"|Usability Test 1
|style="text-align: center;"|[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/0/0c/Pre_Test_Questionnaire.pdf Pre Test Questionnaires]<Br />
|style="text-align: center;"|[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/0/0c/Pre_Test_Questionnaire.pdf Pre Test Questionnaires]<Br />
|style="text-align: center;"|[https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/b/b6/Post_Test_Questionnaire.pdf Post Test Questionnaires]

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Project Overview

Project Use Cases

Coupled with the Magento e-commerce framework, Mobisupermarket aims to be a training tool with BI functions that provides a simulated environment for marketing trainees (students, social media professionals) to hone their marketing campaign skills.

Specifically, the BI functions in this simulated e-commerce environment allow for the following activities:

  1. the user can design one or more marketing campaigns in a user-friendly manner(e.g. drag-and-drop buttons)
  2. the user can execute one or more marketing campaigns and real-time monitor how the marketing campaigns are being consumed
  3. Upon completion of one or more marketing campaigns, the user can perform analysis on consumption of marketing campaigns, perform analysis on customer purchasing patterns
  4. Further, the user can compare two or more marketing campaigns and rank them based on revenue generated
  5. The user can identify social influencers (note: one type of social influencer is a shopper whose purchasing activities are displayed to his or her FB friends on mobisupermarket platform, and as a result of displaying this social message, his or her friends ended up buying the same item)
  6. Social Influence score will be computed per product per timeframe and it is restricted to a person’s Facebook friend network.

In addition, Mobisupermarket is also primed for distribution via the Magento Connect marketplace for the Magento community to utilize.


S/N Deliverables Supporting Documents
1 Project Proposal Proposal
2 Project Acceptance Acceptance Slides
3 Usability Test 1 Pre Test Questionnaires
Post Test Questionnaires
4 Usability Test 2

Consumer Test Cases
Marketing Professional Test Cases

4 Mid-Term -
5 User Acceptance Test -
6 Final Presentation -



There is a rising trend of usage of social media such as FaceBook and Twitter, not only by the Gen Y and Z, but the Gen x and perhaps even the baby boomers as well. With the Internet Age, many things have been digitized and are available online. Shopping is one of them. More and more people such as the Gen Y are not only influenced by advertisements in the social media, but also by what their peers are doing online.

Companies dealing with online shopping will want to be able to tap into such a huge market of people, and especially those with the spending power. Marketers will want to be able to find out what kind of strategies they can use in order to attract these people to buy from their companies. In order for the marketers to be able to find out what strategies to use, they will need a software that can help them analyze important information such as purchasing patterns.


Thus, we decided to create Mobisupermarket which aims to provide a easy to use Business Intelligence (BI) tool coupled with facebook integration to provide companies with consumer analytics. In addition, developing a BI tool will not only enhance our understanding of what marketing professionals look out for when planning strategies but also the insights gained from the drawing on and organization of raw data.

Common Terms Used in This Project

1. Campaigns A campaign is made up of a combination of hooks used by marketing professionals. These campaigns are essentially a 'mix-n-match' of various demographics of consumers and coupon hooks (CHs)/social-message-hooks (SMHs).These objective of these campaigns is to increase revenue or clientele for the marketing professionals. A campaign can have many hooks with different templates.
2. Hooks Coupon Hooks: These 'hooks' act as templates, where it is essentially a virtual coupon promotion designed by marketing professionals to encourage consumers to purchase more products. An example of a coupon could be a 10% discount off all electric products or $50 off all canon cameras.

Social-Message-Hooks: These 'hooks' act as a template, where marketing professionals get to determine if their consumers are able to see what products their Facebook friends 'Like' or have purchased.

3. Shopping Cart Functions Essentially, this would include all basic functions (Add to Cart, Remove from cart, etc) when a consumer purchases products off MobiSupermarket.
4. Graphs These graphs will be generated by data extracted live whilst the campaign is ongoing. The data extracted will be a mix-n-match of various consumer demographics such as age group, gender, country etc. These extracted data will be dependent on the parameters that the marketeer is targeting.
5. Insights This function will basically allow marketing professionals to be able to better analyze data at the end of the whole campaign, based on transaction records, previous campaign data and also coupon hook's data.


Amount of time (Hrs)
Marketing Professional X-Factor Highest performing social hooks to be advised New marketing professionals using the program will have sample template social hooks to add to their newly created campaigns
Marketing Professionals X-Factor Diagram Annotation By allowing for annotations, Marketing Professional can directly indicate statements/interpretations directly on the diagram