2012T2 Team Chm: Learning Outcomes

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The different facets of this project have very intricate overlaps; their tight inter-relation therefore highlights the necessity to examine the different aspects while keeping the other factors in consideration. Outlined below are the key aspects in which we hope to/will take away from this project:

Project Management
Alignment and Management
of Client requirements
Given that the team does not comprise of anyone with a background in marketing, it was important for us to ensure that we understand the motivations for the requirements set by our client. This would not only assist in the development of the UX, it would also help to ensure that we do not deviate from the course of our project. In addition, expectations have to be managed for the team do not wishes to overpromise and underdeliver.
Human Resource Management
Apart from time management on an individual level, time management at a macro level for the entire team was a challenge given the various commitments. It was important to ensure that every individual's strengths were capitalized, and that every flaw was compensated in some way or another. Despite each member's specialty, it was important to ensure that there was a degree of cross-pollination so that every member would have the best takeaway from this project as much as possible.
Communication Skills
It is vital for the team to be able to concisely and precisely convey motivations using the right terminology; often we get caught up with the technical jargon and features, we lose sight of the original aim. Furthermore, key communication skills encompass aspects such as tactfulness — for the sake of team morale and performance, all team members are often reminded about being sensitive during internal communications, verbal or otherwise.
Technical Expertise
of Technologies
Getting to know the features of the technologies was not enough, it was important for us to quickly become adept at each of their respective strengths when implementing them. Similarly, we had to quickly get acquainted with the shortcomings of the technologies, and therein determine workarounds to circumvent them.
Significance of UX
Owing to the contemporary rise of consumerisation of apps, the User Experience (UX) of apps has risen in emphasis to ease the learning curve for the users. Given that the team never had extensive prior experience to the crafting of UX, this is but a key takeaway that will play a big role in the future shipping of software products.
Product Development
User-Driven Development
The team also understands the importance of crafting the right UAT in order to yield the right feedback; User-testing assists in shipping the product on the right course to the mass consumer market. The only way to fine-tune the UX would be by means of User-Testing, and as with any test, more data is better data.

Individual Reflections

Individual Project Motivation
Cai Ximin
To explore social structure influence on marketing behaviorism
Rachel Choi
To learn how analytics can help in making marketing-based decisions and understand how social media can have an influence on consumers in the real world
Leonard Wee
To understand how a BI tool works and to improve my awareness of business rules and industry practices
Joseph Choo
To get a first hand experience on how Business analytics work
Max Sim
Personal beta-testing for brilliance.