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Project Progress Summary

After Mid Term Presentation, reviews from various stakeholders were collated and reviewed within the team. Improvements and changes were made to different segments of the system. Towards the end of the development, a series of User Acceptance Tests were conducted. The purpose is to ensure the system is fully functional ready for deployment and handing over to the client. At the same time, we would make use of this opportunity to further enhance the user interface design of the application. The project is well managed and completed on time. The stakeholders are satisfied and pleased with the deliverables.

Project Highlights

Bijoe - jessica-highlight.jpg

Project Challenges


Project Management

Project Scheduled (Actual vs Planned)


Project Metrics

Schedule Metric v2.png

Project/Technical Complexity

Quality of Project

Project Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Weekly Sponsor meetings | Weekly Supervisor meetings
Metrics Bug metrics | Schedule metrics
Requirements Story cards Click here for storyboard scene [1]
Technical specifications Technical specifications
Analysis Use case Overview
Sequence Diagram Linked View (View Data), Image Coverflow
Business Process Diagram
Screen Shots CRUD Customer, Trend Analysis
Design Logical Diagram Overview
Class Diagram Overview | Detail
Testing Test plan Test scripts for Iteration 234567
UAT Script
Heuristic Evaluation Script
Handover Manuals User tutorial, Developer manual, Setup manual
Code client server
Deployment Diagram instructions



BIJoe current deployment.PNG
BIJoe scalability design.PNG



Team Reflection

Individual Reflection

Sim Sing Hong

Isaac Lim

After going through this FYP, which in my opinion is the most challenging and difficult module ever, there are a few points I would like to share. Initially, when I started off with Flex Builder, I thought this is a very difficult programming language which is very unusual thing that happens to me as I am quite competent in adapting new languages. In addition, Flex gave a weird logic way of coding as everything is able to go concurrently instead of the usual coding style where step A has to be done before step B. That really makes me feel uncomfortable. However, in the end, I would say that I have mastered it perfectly and finds it very user-friendly instead.

Secondly, as I progress my FYP, I advanced myself to a Dad as well. Up till the point before becoming a father, I always believe

Ng Wei Quan

Tan Ying Da

Marcus Yap

Client's Comment