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Project Status

The project status highlights the changes to modules, the completion status, the confidence level and comments of the project.

Task/function/features, etc When to be done Confident Level (0-1) Comment
Web app: Reflect Itinerary based on ASP.NET data (Send ASP/ Receive ASP/ Save Itinerary) 2011-01-26 1
Web app algo: Full RWS Algo 2011-01-26 0.8 ...
Mobile: Show RWS itinerary 2011-02-03 1 ...
Mobile web app:
  1. Ratings (check each location ratings – if more than 5 – add one priority point, need to update the two types of location lists – dining and non-dining dynamically)
  2. Operating Hrs (need to re-structure the database to take in start time and end time on separate fields and check if the next possible location is not within operating hrs, swap to one that is between the time constraints – 10am to 10pm)
2011-02-01 0.7 ...
Web app:
  1. Random Activities added dynamically
  2. Received user preference and details from flash, pass results (itinerary) – locationID, defaultDuration to kl in arrayList.
2011-02-05 0.8 ...

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