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Team Risk

Risk Description Probability Impact Overall Mitigation
Scope Revisions
  • Requirements may change or be added on
  • Changes may be inconsistent with the overall project objective
High Medium Medium
  • Justifications from the team, supervisor and client should determine whether the change in project scope would align to project’s objectives
Not experienced in algorithms and Mobile Web Application Deployment
  • Lack of algorithms and mobile web experience
High Medium Medium
  • Some members have taken Enterprise Adaptive Decision Support and Mobile & Pervasive Technology
  • Consult Prof Lau for Algorithm considerations

Client Risk

Risk Description Probability Impact Overall Mitigation
Managing client’s expectations
  • Liaising with RWS experienced senior management
  • Team will need to gather the requirements well to meet their expectations and needs
High High Medium
  • Team will need to gather requirements well to meet management expectation of the system
  • Team will constantly update progress via emails weekly to keep client in the loop on the progress of the project
  • Should any urgent decision needs to be consulted, a call to client will be necessary to seek approval

Technology Risk

Risk Description Probability Impact Overall Mitigation
Flash capabilities
  • Not able to incorporate complex algorithms with Flash UI
Medium High Medium
  • Allow ASP.NET to handle most of the logic while Flash is mainly for the UI
  • Benchmarked other Flash web applications to gain knowledge on its potential
Connection between ASP.NET and Flash
  • ASP.NET not able to exchange data with Flash
Low Medium Low
  • Team started early by conducting research and developing our prototype during December
Mobile Webpage Screen sizing
  • ASP.NET may not able to allow the webpage to accommodate different smartphone sizings
Low High Low
  • Run our system on different smartphones

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