Insurgeons WeeklyReport 9&10

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Things done in week 9 and 10 (01/03/09 – 14/03/09):

- Auditing:: To keep track of changes made by users to faculty template

- Renewal of Faculty Appointment Process

- Search feature

- Administrator Tool: To add multi value attributes

- User Manual( In Progress)

Highlights of Supervisor Meeting on 4th of March

- Indent the stages in tracking

- Pending at the top, Completed at the bottom

- Termination of Workflow at all levels

- Dropping failed workflow into archives/repository

Highlights of Supervisor Meeting on 11th of March

- Demo on development

--> Workflow Auditing

--> Renewal of Appointment Process

--> Administrator Tool

--> Search

--> User Manual

- Mid Term Feedback

--> Consistent progress has been seen

--> Able to catch up and progress continuously

--> System has become much more complicated than originally perceived

--> Client has been shown something really early

--> Learning outcomes are good ( Individual and very specific)

--> Since project is on tack consider swapping roles( Do something, less comfortable)

--> Assess risks now( What other stuff do you want to learn)

--> Deployment( everyone should try)

--> Get enough feedback from client( UAT # 2:: 17th March 2009)

--> Get it deployed soon

Our internal meetings schedule for academic weeks 4 and 5:

Week 9

Monday 2nd March 2009 1030 hrs to 1130 hrs at Duke-Nus

Tuesday 3rd March 2009 1300 hrs to 1800 hrs

Week 10

Monday 9th March 2009 1200 hrs to 1500 hrs

Friday 13th March 20091630 hrs to 1730 hrs

Things to be done for week 11 (15/03/09-21/03/09):

- Process Tuning

- Changes based on UAT

- Data-Locks

- Pdf Generation

Selection of Appointment Letter Template

- Display Matrix