Insurgeons WeeklyReport 4&5

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Things being done in week 4 and 5 (25/01/09 – 07/02/09):

• PDF – Able to generate PDF based on a template file

• Saving files to database in binary format (In Progress)

• Editing and saving forms (eg Application forms)

• Tracking number of days elapsed for workflow

• Creation of classes to facilitate PDF creation (In Progress)

Highlights of Supervisor Meeting on 28th of January

-Development of follwing features completed:

-->Database for generic workflow has been created

-->Login feature and verification mechanism

--> Generation of PDF documents

--> Data function for workflow engine

--> Instance creation for workflow engine

- Discussion on how to risks concisely.

Highlights of Supervisor Meeting on 3rd of February

- Demo on development

- Breaking down of tasks so that they don’t overlap two reporting periods

- Feedback on project proposal

- Mid term evaluation

- Duke Nus Meeting: UAT Test # 1 scheduled on 16th Feb

Our internal meetings schedule for academic weeks 4 and 5:

Week 4

Wednesday, 28thJanuary 1600 hrs to 1900 hrs

Week 5

Monday, 2nd February 1200 hrs to 1530 hrs

Friday , 6th February 1600 hrs to 1700 hrs

Proposed meeting schedule for Week 6

Monday, 9th February 1200 hrs to 1500 hrs

Wednesday, 11th February 1530 hrs to 1900 hrs

Friday 13th February 1530 hrs to 1900 hrs

Work allocation for week 6 (08/02/09-14/02/09):

• All base features(All)

• Assigning of the courses to faculty(Guan Long)

• Creation of documents (forms, pdf)(Ayush/Navin)

• Passing of documents(Guan Long)

• HTML template forms(Paresh)

• Process defined workflow(Guan Long)

• Integration of all features(All)

• Mid Term Evaluation(Yash/Navin/Ayush)