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Andy (21 Years Old) is a Year 4 Undergraduate majoring in Information Systems from Singapore Management University. As he is graduating soon. He realised that he lacks the proper guidance to achieve his desired career prospect in an IT industry. He attended many networking seminars and picked up a few IT- related courses outside school to improve skills and broaden his network. However, he felt that these seminars were too big scale and he found a hard time to connect with the right people. In the end, he did not manage to address his concern well. He also realised that he failed many times in job application even though he had many experienced in IT-related skills through the courses he took. He would require a platform where he could talk and address his concern well with the right mentor. He would want to have someone who understand him and explain what he is lacking even after looking at much of his experience. Is it the way he talked during job interview? Were the courses he took irrelevant? He needs someone to guide him in achieving his desired career prospect.


John (35 Years Old) is an Executive Officer at one of the well-known IT company. He has been working for 10 years in this company. He has a lot experience in this industry and had been helping his relatives to land a job in his company and other few well-known companies. He realizes that IT industry must develop in more young talents to let the company stay competitive in the long run. There is a high demand, but most young talents find it difficult to know what they really want due to improper guidance. John wants to help more young talents but do not have the right platform to do so. He would be happy to have a platform where he could arrange a session and meet more young talents. He would also like to collaborate with other mentors. This platform will help him to help more people and at the same time expand his network who might help in the development of his company.

Course Provider

NTUC learning hub is one of the biggest Training and Course Provider in Singapore. The courses provided are of high standard and receive well feedbacks from many stakeholders. NTUC is looking for more marketing strategies where they could provide courses that best suited with the trainee. It is the company vision to transform the lifelong employability of working people. In order to do that, courses must be designed and marketed to the right people. Therefore, they need a platform where it could very well match the course and the trainees. This will ensure that its trainees are able to gain the right skills and have a lifelong employability.


ABC Corporate Limited is an IT company based in Singapore. It is established in 2000. Currently, it has over 100 employees working in different job functions. However, it has been experiencing high turnover rate for over the years. This is mainly due to the inefficiency of its employees. This has been one of the biggest challenges to the hiring management. When people do not stay long enough for them, they have to spend much more resources and time to allow the new employee to adapt well in the company. As such, they really need to hire only the best people that match the job role and have a high interest of it. A platform that could get these type of people would really help the company to reduce the turn over rate.