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Methodology Project Schedule Metrics Management Risk & Change Management

Expected Risks

Risk Matrix

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S/N Risk Consequence Likelihood Impact Level Derived Mitigation Steps Activated
1 Acquisition of resources/ administrative matters (such as deployment server) might be delayed. System cannot be deployed to client’s server on time and user testing will be delayed.

Unable to do integration with existing systems in client’s server.
High High A Replicate testing environment on our own server for initial user testing. We have activated this mitigation step. We will no longer be deploying our system on the client's server. Instead, we will host the system on the IS480 server.
2 Development team is unfamiliar with the development environment (.NET, Active Directory). Project might have delays due to incorrect estimates.

Lower quality of system as there might be more bugs in the system.
High High (Edited: the impact is now medium) A Team is to be trained in new technology by October 2013.

Provide more buffer time in iterations.
Though we have taken more programming hours than expected for features (due to being unfamiliar with the programming language), we only face minor delays in our schedule, some of which are unavoidable. Please refer to our Metrics Management page for more details.
3 Change of requirements There might be insufficient time in the project plan to make the changes, leading to failure in delivering project. Medium Medium B Review the requirements list with client at every iteration so changes can be addressed as soon as possible. We have also a change log to record the changes. More details can be found in our Change Management section.
4 Project team is not used to working on projects with such a big scope and long timeline. Project might have delays due to incorrect estimates.

Team might face issue in coordination.
Low Medium C Constantly revise the schedule to ensure that tasks are on track.

Regular meetings to update everyone on progress and iron out issues.
Added in extra hours to catch up with schedule.

5 Communication between team and client takes too long. Delays might happen during the wait for confirmation from client. Medium Medium B Arrange a weekly meeting with client and send regular updates to ensure that important issues can be addressed as soon as possible. Mitigation steps activated.
6 Rise in conflict within the team. Project time is wasted on resolving conflict. Low Medium C Encourage an open environment for team to voice out opinions before problems escalate. Risk did not arise
7 Client pulls out of support for the project. The project terminates prematurely. Low High B We will have to find another sponsor for the project. Risk did not arise
8 Bureaucratic process for getting through compliance. Project progress may be delayed. High High A Find out the documents needed for compliance and prepare them beforehand so less time is needed between stages of compliance. Same as point 1
9 End users are not familiar with the application with the usage of the wen application. User resistance toward the application and possible lowered usage. Medium High A Have more user testing with a larger audience from the client side. Conducted 3 user testings with the client, as well as different groups of users to educate them about the system.
10 Manpower constraints during the crunch time. Lower resource availability that leads to delays in the schedule. Medium Medium B Team members have to monitor their schedule and raise immediate attention to PM in case of constraint. Provide more buffer time in sprints prior to the buffer. Mitigation steps activated and tasks in each sprint were adjusted during crunch time such as exam period.

Change Management

We will evaluate changes proposed by the team, supervisor or sponsor by several criterias which can summarized in the diagram below:

  • Value to project/priority level (how much does it solve our client's pain points)
  • Potential impact to project (man hours needed)
  • Resource availability

Rejected changes and reasons will be communicated to the parties who proposed the changes. Please view our change log: here

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