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Acceptance Proposal

Please download our acceptance proposal here


Procurement department is currently using an Excel-based Procurement Activity Calendar (PAC) and paper-based Procurement Approval Form (PAF) to track and manage projects. There is a lot of room for human error and validation of data is weak. The entire process is manual and paper-based, which leads to redundancy as data needs to be replicated both on paper forms and excel sheets. Additionally, the employees do not have a decision-making tool in place to guide them for the next step. With our system, it automates a large portion of the workflow and thereby eliminates the demerits of a manual & paper based process and the occasional problem of missing documents. Our system also helps to analyze data to produce useful insights. Currently, other departments involved in the workflow have to wait for Procurement to deliver the reports to them as they do not have access to the Excel sheet. With the new system, the procurement department will no longer be the bottleneck and will provide restricted views to specific documents based on their credentials on Active Directory.

Problems in the As-Is State

From our research and client interviews, these were the current problems they were facing. We will create a value-adding solution that could address their needs.

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