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Landing Page

BUSlide1.JPG BUSlide2.JPG BUSlide3.JPG

Volunteer Management Page

BUSlide5.JPG BUSlide6.JPG VolMGmt.jpg

Task Page

BUSlide8.JPG BUSlide9.JPG BUSlide10.JPG

Task Details Page

BUSlide12.JPG BUSlide13.JPG BUSlide14.JPG

Matching Volunteers

BUSlide15.JPG BUSlide16.JPG

Empact Questions Page

BUSlide17.JPG BUSlide18.JPG BUSlide19.JPG

NPO Questions Page

BUSlide20.JPG Slide21.JPG

Volunteer Task Page

Slide22.JPG BUSlide23.JPG


Slide25.JPG Slide24.JPG


Slide26.JPG BUSlide27.JPG Slide28.JPG

Log-in for ALL users (Volunteers, Empact and NPO)

Box-us(sign up page).jpg Box-us(log in page).jpg

Volunteer - Volunteer Registration

Box-us(sign up page).jpg Box-us(registration form part 1).jpg Box-us(registration form part 2).jpg
Box-us(registration form part 3).jpg Box-us(registration form part 4).jpg Box-us(registration form end).jpg

Volunteer - General Account Settings

Vol - General Account Settings (1).jpg Vol - General Account Settings (2).jpg Vol - General Account Settings (3).jpg
Vol - General Account Settings (4).jpg Vol - General Account Settings (5).jpg

Volunteer - Manage Tasks

Vol - Manage Tasks (1).jpg Vol - Manage Tasks (2).jpg

Volunteer - Task Feedback Form

Volunteer Task Feedback Form.jpg

Volunteer - Task Timesheet

Volunteer Time sheet.jpg Volunteer Edit Time sheet.jpg

Volunteer - Consolidated Volunteer Record

Consolidated Volunteer Record.jpg

Volunteer - Manage Questions

Vol - Questions (1).jpg Vol - Questions (2).jpg

Volunteer - Dashboard

Volunteer Dashboard.JPG

Empact - General Account Settings

Em - GAS(1).jpg Em - GAS(2).jpg Em - GAS(3).jpg
Em - GAS(4).jpg Em - GAS(5).jpg

Empact - Manage Volunteers Sign Up

Em - MVSU(1).jpg Em - MVSU(2).jpg

Empact - Manage NPO

Em - ANPO(1).jpg Em - ANPO(2).jpg

Empact - Manage Tasks

Em - MT(1).jpg Em - MT(2).jpg Em - MT(3).jpg
Em - MT(4).jpg Em - MT(5).jpg

Empact - Manage Questions

Em - Q(1).jpg Em - Q(2).jpg Em - Q(3).jpg
Em - Q(4).jpg

Empact - Dashboard

Dashboard E.JPG

Empact - Statistics

Stas1.JPG Stas2.JPG Stas3.JPG

NPO - General Account Settings

NPO - GAS(1).jpg NPO - GAS(2).jpg NPO - GAS(3).jpg
NPO - GAS(4).jpg NPO - GAS(5).jpg

NPO - Manage Questions

NPO - Q(1).jpg NPO - Q(2).jpg

NPO - Dashboard

NPO dash.JPG


We have decided to put our paper prototypes in the excel file as it is a better way to look at the versioning of the paper prototypes and looking at the comments given.

Empact Volunteers NPO

We would be doing our user interface using Bootstrap 2.2. A few key features of the BootStrap 2.2 Framework:

  • Responsive Desgin
  • Generate your custom template
  • Ability to compile new themes on the fly using LESS

This UI framework helps us to cope with changes made by the client.


V1 1.jpg V1 2.jpg V1 3.jpg
V1 4.jpg V1 5.jpg V1 6.jpg
V1 7.jpg V1 8.jpg V1 9.jpg
V1 10.jpg V1 11.jpg V1 12.jpg