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About Peer Helper's Helpers

Team Members



About Wellness Center Management Application

A one stop management application to provide convenience to Wellness Centre and students visiting the Wellness Centre.


  • Outcome: A new application will be delivered to the client, with basic functionalities in place and value adding features such as reporting tools, etc.
  • Value Statement: We believe that the new management application can achieve a harmonious union of the key functionalities of the Wellness Center, offering convenience to the users especially the Peer Helpers.

Key Functionalities

  1. Automated sign in for student visitors
  2. Decision support tool
  3. Database management
  4. Human resource management
  5. Inventory management

Our Project Progress

Work Breakdown Structure


December 2008

  1. Meeting with Adam from Wellness Center
  2. Use cases
  3. Database design
  4. Class diagrams
  5. Work breakdown structure
  6. Update project schedule
  7. Submission of draft proposal

Week 1

  1. Submission of final proposal
  2. Update project schedule
  3. Design UI
  4. Creation of different classes

Week 2

  1. Final proposal approved
  2. Update project schedule
  3. Revise database design
  4. Preparing for launch of first iteration
  5. Meeting with Adam to finalise the details for 1st iteration
  6. Meeting with Kevin to update him on team's progress and seek advice

Week 3

  1. Launch 1st iteration for testing at Wellness Center (Monday)
  2. Update project schedule
  3. Start planning for 2nd iteration
  4. Meeting with Kevin to show him the 1st iteration
  5. Revise some functions from 1st iteration after gathering feedback

Week 4

  1. Start work on 2nd iteration
  2. Tasks are split among members

Week 5

  1. Continue working on 2nd iteration
  2. Revise some functions and GUI after gathering feedback

Week 6

  1. Continue working on 2nd iteration
  2. Revise some functions and GUI after gathering feedback

Week 7

  1. Integration of system for Mid Term submission
  2. Completion of Mid Term Reflection draft

Week 8

  1. Continue working on 2nd iteration
  2. Completion of duty timeslot assignment
  3. Creation of dummy data for testing
  4. Completion of database script for uploading

Week 9

  1. Continue working on 2nd iteration
  2. Uploaded dummy data for testing

Week 10

  1. Working on reporting and graphing tools
  2. Working on CRUD of user account

Week 11

  1. Working on CRUD of user account

Week 12

  1. Completed 2nd iteration
  2. Started work on 3rd iteration
  3. Started researching on available SMS packages available
  4. Working on inventory management
  5. Working on inventory management

Week 13

  1. Client removed SMS function from scope
  2. Working on duties swapping
  3. Coming up with testing scenarios

Week 14

  1. Integration
  2. Debugging
  3. Testing

Week 15

  1. Preparing for presentation
  2. Diagrams and final reflection

Week 16


Meeting Minutes

Team Meeting Minutes

Client Meeting Minutes

Supervisor Meeting Minutes