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Welcome to Charlie's Angels IS480 Wiki!

The Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels' Warehouse Layout Tool

Team members

  1. Prasanna APURVA - Software Designer
  2. CHOY Wei Feng - UI Designer
  3. Yanice Mako KUSUMA - Test Engineer
  4. TINA Nirmal - Project Manager


  • Dr. Benjamin Gan, Practice Associate Professor of Information Systems, SMU
Charlie's Angels' Warehouse Layout Tool


  • Dr. Lim Yun Fong, Assistant Professor of Operations Management, SMU

Warehouse Layout Tool

To download Warehouse Layout Tool Version 1 Beta, click wLOT. For feedback, send an email to Wei Feng

Project Progress

Here, you can view our project progress from Week 1 to present.

Week 1

  1. Submission of Proposal
  2. Preparing for user testing 1
  3. Load CSV and Export JPEG use cases
  4. Updated System Design
  5. Updated Project Schedule

Week 2

  1. User testing 1
  2. Continuation of previous week's use cases
  3. Meeting client to demonstrate the implemented changes that were requested by him two weeks ago
  4. Meeting with supervisor to update him on the team's progress and discussed the project proposal with him

Week 3

  1. Fixing existing and newly discovered bugs
  2. Preparing for user testing 2
  3. Updated test cases
  4. Updated Project Schedule

Week 4

  1. Completed the user testing 2.
  2. Positive client feedback. Wish list of client includes Optimize SKU allocation
  3. Updated Supervisor with progress from the last two weeks
  4. To download click [here]

Week 5

  1. Use case optimization and color contour frequency & UI integration
  2. Fixing bugs that were discovered in the last week
  3. Preparing for user testing 3
  4. Update on user testing 2
Success test rate : 68.5%
Fail test rate    : 30.3%
Nil               : 1.5%
Things to update on next user testing:
- Saved project section should have more detailed information as of how to create the desired layout
- Manufacturer's code might need to be sorted so that the user can find the product easily
- To prevent user from clicking on the corner cells, it might need to be either crossed-out or greyed-out
- Notify the user that all the storage locations are not able to be dragged for multiple selection

Week 6

  1. Supervisor Meeting
 i) Demonstrated changes/improvements in the system since the previous meeting with him
 ii) Updated him on the user testing results
 iii) Noted changes/suggestions from him
  1. Continued working on week 5 use cases

Week 7

  1. Updated Project schedule
  2. Implemented changes requested by client
  3. Supervisor meeting to update him on current situation
  4. Prepared for third round of User Acceptance Testing

Week 8

  1. Mid term reflection preparation
  2. Conducted User Acceptance Testing 3
  3. Changes made to software design and sequence diagrams
  4. Worked on the Distance map

Week 9

  1. Analysis of UAT 3 results
  2. Worked on Activity Map
  3. Worked on Export to JPEG use case

Week 10

  1. Client meeting after 3 weeks
 i) Updated him on changes made in the last 3 weeks
 ii) Consulted him for feedback on distance map
 iii) Demonstrated changes and bugs fixed since the last meeting with him
  1. Continued work on the three maps (distance, activity and utilization)
  2. Supervisor Meeting

Week 11

  1. Completed work on the three maps (including validation)
  2. Still working on Export JPEG Function but should be wrapping up soon
  3. Mid term feedback review
  4. Supervisor Meeting
  5. Get started on
 a) IS480 Poster
 b) Stress Test
 c) Optimize SKU Allocation
 d) Export JPEG wrap up
 e) Help function to include the distance map instructions
 f) Find ways to do up the video version of help

Week 12

Client Meeting (Thurs 6th Nov) Updated Client on the following

  1. three maps
  2. continuous zoom function
  3. export to JPEG function
  4. optimize SKU Allocation logic discussion
  5. video for tutorial on how to use our project

Supervisor Meeting (Fri 7th Nov) Updated Supervisor on the following

  1. FYP Poster
  2. Final presentation preparation
  3. client meeting updates

Pair-programming schedule for Week 13

  1. Apurva & Yanice work on video tutorial and chm file for the newly added maps
  2. Tina & Kevin will work on Optimize SKU Allocation use case

Week 13

  1. FYP Poster completed
  2. Fixing the remaining three bugs
  3. Updating the system with changes requested by client from previous meet-up
  4. Worked on video tutorial and optimize sku allocation
  5. Updated SD with latest names/methods
  6. Client Meeting (Thurs 13th Nov)
 - client wanted us to concentrate on Optimize SKU allocation
 - added a new option to allow users to change cell size even after the project is created
 - distance and xml bugs from previous round fixed

Week 14

  1. Try our project here [1]
  2. Completed optimizer
  3. Fought the deadly bug that came with regards to the path finder algorithm
  4. Clarified issues with the distance map
  5. Client meeting
- final update before presentation next week
- optimizer demo
- help file demo

Week 15

  1. Presentation at 10am 26th Nov Wednesday
  2. Final Reflection Submission on 30th Nov Sunday