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User Testing

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User Testing 1
User Testing 2
User Testing 3
User Testing 4
User Testing 5
User Testing 6
User Testing 7
User Testing 8

Test Plan

Venue: SIS GSR 3-1
Date: 23th July 2019 - 25th July 2019
Duration: ~ 30 minutes per user
Participant Demographics: 12 SMU students
Test Script: User Testing 7
Responses: UT 7 Responses


  • Gather the feedback regarding the usability of the error-prone functions the team has created
  • Observe how the users interact with our system
  • Improve on the application based on the results
  • Scope

      Authentication Module
    • Login with 2FA and Group Id

      Gamification Module
    • Able to trigger Pre-Quiz, Timed Quiz and Post-Quiz
    • Scores are calculated and reflected

      Wealth Portfolio Module
    • Check Stock Price
    • Able to trigger the buying and selling of stocks.


    Participants were given a set of instructions to follow and complete the test cases. Participants were encouraged to note the estimated time taken for each task to complete the task. During the user testing, participants were encouraged to voice out any usability issues as they navigated through the test cases. Their feedback was noted. Participants were given a post-test questionnaire at the end of the testing to gauge their satisfaction.


    S/N Test Case Outcome
    1 Participants should be able to login with correct credentials and group Id. Successful.
    2 Participants should be able to login with correct OTP. Successful.
    3 Participants should complete Pre-Quiz on the homepage upon login. Successful.
    4 Participants should be able to understand the Loan Management Terms and completed Timed Quiz. Successful.
    5 Participants should be understand the Stock Management Terms. Successful.
    6 Participants should view the historical price of any pre-listed stock. Successful.
    7 Participants should be able to add a stock that is not listed in the our application after searching on Yahoo Finance. Successful but loading time is too long.
    8 Participants should be able to to purchase stocks at the market price. Successful but pop out message is sometimes blocked by the Gamification pop out.
    9 Participants should be able to complete the timed quiz. Successful.
    10 Participants should be buy stocks with a limit price and expiration type. Successful.

    Key Findings

    Functions Users' Behaviour & Comments Proposed Changes
    Stock Order Management Module Loading Time too long Change loading page to progress bar so that the user would not think that the application is not working.
    Gamification Module Words got cut off Rescale accordingly and test out thoroughly.
    Gamification Module Timer count to 0 but still able to answer the question. When the timer hit zero, their score is 0 even if they enter the correct answer.

    Overall Feedback

    Participants feel that the web interface is easy to use and minimalist design. However, graphs and the text-box (Gamification Pop Out) were cut off when rescaling and recommend us to use alert or notification for stock purchase.