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S/N Description Likelihood Impact Category Mitigation
1 Team members are unfamiliar with human–computer interaction technologies based on natural language conversations. High High Technical Unfamiliarity Lead developers will perform intensive research and guide the team. Project Manager (PM) and Tech Architect (TA) will work on the project timeline together and allocate more time to unfamiliar tasks.
2 Our voice to text functionality and natural language processing are implemented via request forwarded to a cloud-based speech recognition service. This exposes us to the risk of service failure in unforeseen circumstances, such as when the external service becomes unavailable either through malicious attacks, natural disasters or data wipes. Medium High External Risk Instead of using a single cloud-based speech recognition service for the voice to text functionality, our team will adopt services from Bing Speech, Google Cloud Speech. For the natural language processing, we will utilise DialogFlow and Wit.AI. This mitigates the risk of a single point of failure as redundancy is included.
3 Our tBuddy application needs to be integrated with the existing SMU tBank modules to simulate real-life scenarios of performing bank requests. Medium Medium Technical Unfamiliarity Our team will work closely with our sponsor to provide progress updates and retrieve all updated API to connect with all necessary tBank modules.
4 Team may face difficulties completing complex tasks on time. Medium Medium Project Management PM and Quality Assurance (QA) will work closely to track task and bug metrics for previous iterations to better plan for the next iteration. Feedback will be given to team members on their expected time allocation and PM will ensure that everyone assists in completing a functionality.
5 Users (faculty and students) may not be familiarized with conversational banking and face difficulties utilizing the application during their academic work. Medium Medium Users It is necessary to conduct user testing regularly with the stakeholders, so that they can provide the team with feedback for improvement, and familiarize themselves with the technology.
6 Some of the male members may potentially be called back for army reservist or callbacks during the project iteration. Medium Low Project Management Upon receiving confirmation from the Singapore Armed Forces, members who are implicated will have to inform the group immediately. PM will make necessary changes by reallocating manpower to ensure that the team can complete their tasks on time.