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Version Change Log
Scope Version 6

# 6

Fixxlar Team met up with Sponsor and was informed that the Sponsor team would not be able to deliver the mobile application as their chief iOS developer will be leaving the company. Fixxlar Team will proceed to their mitigation plans and create a web application that is compatible for mobile view to stand in for the iOS application. Fixxlar Team discussed with the Sponsor and informed Project Supervisor on the various changes;

Functionalities to Drop

  1. Analytics Module
  2. Account Module (2FA Authentication)
  3. Customer Management Module

As Fixxlar Team will be developing the web application that will stand in for the mobile application that is used by the customers, the following module have been added into the scope;

Functionalities to be Added

  1. Fixir Customer Web Application

Scope Version 5

# 5

Fixxlar Team met up with Sponsor and proposed an process flow for the valet service and identified several functions that is required for the business to handle valet services together with the quotation requests. Fixxlar team also proposed to sponsor to remove a few key features and have also highlighted that workshops should not be able to edit appointments as they do not have the rights to do so. Sponsor has also informed the team that they have decided to leave the “View Customer Rating” functionality out for now.

Scope Version 4

# 4

06 August 2016 - Meeting with Sponsor
On 6th of August, Sponsor and Fixxlar Team reviewed the project scope and reassessed the amount of time required to finish the entire scope. Fixxlar Team proposed that it would be better to focus our efforts on ensuring the quality of the quotation and valet module rather than to squeeze all the scope inclusive of Mobile Grooming module. Sponsor team feels that it would jeopardize the quality of the end product with the mobile grooming module as that business model still requires time before the process can be finalized.

08 August 2016 - Meeting with Supervisor
On 8th August, Fixxlar team met up with Prof Ben during the supervisor meeting and went ahead to discuss with our sponsor to confirm modules that we can go live by mid-term so that we can gather user feedbacks and user experience information to assess the effectiveness of our project. Below are the things that have been established with the sponsor on 9th August, 2016.

  1. Instead of waiting for the actual mobile to be ready by December, we will work on the current existing app that is already on the app store.
  2. Sponsor team will work towards adding the Valet, Scheduling and Chat Modules onto the application in order for Fixxlar team to test and go live.
  3. Fixxlar team will work closely when discussing the valet process with the valet service providers so that we can value-add by helping to gather user requirements from the service providers.

Scope Version 3

# 3

After Supervisor Meeting 1, Fixxlar Team met up with sponsors to review the importance of the scheduling module and add a few more functionalities that was required while development. On-Demand features were revised as to be part of their respective modules as suggested by sponsors.

Scope Version 2

# 2

Project Team met up with Sponsor to review the project scope. Sponsor suggested these following changes to the scope;
  1. Remove the Inventory Tracking Module as it is not realistic for workshop to use.
  2. Scheduling Module to be shifted to Good-to-Have as it is estimated that sponsor feels that this is not important at the moment.
  3. Remove the notification module and shift it into their respective modules to avoid confusion.
  4. Remove Ongoing and Completed Requests from the Dashboard as that will only be shown in the Request module itself.
  5. Customer Loyalty Module to be removed as that is not their priority at the moment.
  6. Invoice Management Module to be removed as well as workshops have indicated to the sponsor that they prefer using their own invoicing formats.
  7. Revise Analytics Module to only 2 left.
  8. Include On-Demand module as Sponsor wants to have a mobile view for the services.

Scope Version 1

# 1

Initial Scope proposed by Fixxlar Team