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User Testing

User Testing 1


  • To gather feedback regarding user interface of developed functions from existing users
  • To detect usability issues based on user behavior
  • To improve web application based on UT results

Scope of UT1

  • Account Module
  • User Management Module
  • Jobs Module
  • Job Management Module

Number of Users: Rong Jie Lim (Product Owner), J.C.Morgen (Mentor)
Date: 1 November 2018, Thursday
Test Results, Stats, and Changes: User Testing 1

User Testing 2


  • To allow the admins of the system to provide feedback on the new UI
  • To gather feedback on the new features added
  • To test whether the flow and user experience can be improved

Scope of UT2

  • Part-Timer Management
  • Admin Management
  • Client Management
  • Job Management
  • Part-Timers View

Number of Users: 2 Admins, 1 Operations Admin
Date: 18 January 2019, Friday
Test Results, Stats, and Changes: User Testing 2

User Testing 3


  • Test the changes that were implemented after UT2
  • Gather feedback on the changes proposed in UT2
  • Allow the admins to test the Deployment Feature
  • Find more ways that the UI/UX can be improved for the Admins

Scope of UT3

  • Part-Timer Management
  • Admin Management
  • Client Management
  • Job Management
  • Deployment
  • Attendance

Number of Users: 2 Admins, 6 Operation Admins
Date: 6 February 2019, Wednesday
Test Results, Stats, and Changes: User Testing 3