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 Chmlogo.jpg "because there is no I in the team"

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Our Project Stakeholders:

  1. Supervisor:Professor Benjamin Gan
  2. Sponsors: LARC, Mobipiazza
  3. Client: Professor Kyong Jin SHIM, Assistant Professor of Information System, SMU
  4. Users: Marketing professors and students


LARC logo.png

Living Analytics Research Centre (LARC) is a new joint research initiative between Singapore Management University (SMU) and Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to conduct research on behavioural and social network analytics and behavioural experiments so as to discover and harness the laws of information network evolution for networks of people, organisations and businesses. Their interest on this particular project is because that there will be a substantial amount of consumer data being generated upon user testing.

MobiPiazza is a company that is passionate about making socially relevant tools. Mobipiazza is currently interested in commercialising the project so that it can be used as a learning tool. The main objective of our MobiPiazza is to "teach the students on how to use mobisupermarket"

The Team

Ximin.jpg Cai Ximin
Project Manager
  • Plans and manages each Scrum sprint, facilitates project meetings
  • Keeps team at max productivity
  • Responsible for schedule review
Picture 0056.JPG Leonard Wee
Technical Lead Writer
  • Oversees the development of technical blueprints of the project
  • Manages product and release backlog, deployment and logical diagrams
  • Research, shares new technical knowledge and mentors developers
  • Communicates with client on technical requirements
Mx.jpg Sim Li Chien (Max)
User Experience Designer
  • Develops User Interface mockups and communicates them with the client
  • Implements user usability tests and manages feedback
  • Manages unit testing of the application
Rachel.png Rachel Choi
Interaction Analyst
  • Ensures business requirements from client is aligned with IT implementations
  • Develops resources and guidelines for users
27862 10150160662090024 1905740 n.jpg Joseph Choo
Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Oversees project's documentation
  • Manages contents in the Wikipedia page