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 Team & Project Overview

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The Team - Fortune Cookies


Fortune Cookies is a group of Third Year Information Systems Management students from Singapore Management University.


  • Dustin NG Yu
  • Jane Iskandar LAU
  • LEOW Si Wee, Hayden
  • TENG Aladdin Young
  • YOUNG Lilian

Roles and Responsibilities

Member Management Role & Scope Development Role & Scope
Hayden Project Manager
  • Plan phases and iterations
  • Identify and access risks
  • Develop iteration plan
  • Assess iteration
  • Status Report
  • Schedule and Assign work
  • Initiate Iteration
Software Architect
  • Prioritize Use Cases
  • Architectural Analysis
  • Describe run-time architecture
Dustin System Analyst
  • Review functional and non-functional requirements in relation to database
  • Capture common vocabulary into Database Design
  • Review Test Cases
Database Designer/Manager
  • Conceptual Data Modeling/Normalizing/Relating
  • Manage access of database
  • Code review and ensure adherence to standards and conventions
Jane Requirements Gathering Manager
  • Detail software requirements specification
  • Use case realization
  • Identify Test ideas
  • Meeting minutes coordination with stakeholders
Implementer/ Reviewer
  • Mapping from design to code
  • Usability Testing
  • Iteration Plan Review
  • Iteration Evaluation Criteria Review
  • Prepare test plans
Aladdin Technical Reviewer
  • Software requirements specification
  • Design Models and Class Definitions
  • Review technical solutions and architecture
  • Review and implement security solutions
Lead Developer/Software Architect
  • Plan subsystem integration
  • Lead system integration and functional testing
  • Review code and design
Lilian System Analyst
  • Elicit stakeholder requests (Storyboarding)
  • Structure Use-Case model
  • Brain storming and idea reduction
  • Maintenance and updates of Team Wiki
  • Conceptualizing ideas into presentations
User-interface Designer
  • Drive user-centered design
  • Design and prototype user interface
  • Mobile development interface
  • Graphics Design

The Client - Lodestone

Lodestone Logo

Lodestone Management Consultants Pte Ltd is one of the global consulting firms that aim to bring excellence to its customers together with measurable business benefits. Lodestone handles a wide variety of clients ranging from the life sciences, chemical and finance industries.

The firm is one of the unique consulting firms, whose business model aims to provide a client-centric experience to bring about detailed advice on strategy, business optimization and IT transformation to various clients. It is unique compared other consulting firms as it is more client driven and deals with projects in a macroscopic perspective. The firm uses an integration of Information Technology together with Business as one of the key drivers for revenue.

Business Case

Project Management is one of the key areas of focus in the firm’s business process. The Project Managers are tasked to demonstrate proper Project Management Standards to implement the projects at hand. Lodestone Management Consultants specifically follows the 8 Pillars of Project Management, which include:

  1. Stakeholders are Committed
  2. Business benefits are Realized
  3. Risks are Mitigated
  4. Issues are Managed
  5. Scope is Realistic and Managed
  6. Program Planning is Highly Disciplined
  7. Team is Highly Skilled and Motivated
  8. Engagement in Performing to Expectations

Currently, Lodestone Management Consultants employs these standards through the use of Microsoft Excel to be able to manage, track and record past projects. Standard formulas and algorithms are used by Project Managers and their clients to expose projects which are behind, on time or ahead of schedule.

While using Microsoft Excel is one of the ways to implement such a complex process, it clearly lacks scalability, flexibility and usability for long term usage. It cannot accommodate a sudden increase in number of clients within the system. It is difficult to customize functions for each project to different roles in the company. It is also very impractical to use in terms of worldwide communication with clients. Given these disadvantages, it is recommended that a more suitable application be made to accommodate the management of projects within the company.

Client Requirements

To develop a configurable application that allows:

  • New Project Set-up
  • Modification to criteria/questionnaire, formulas and weighting
  • Access control (Authorization)
  • Alerts to remind Project Managers


Project Objective

To develop an easy-to-use management tool for Project Managers to:

  • Aid in the assessment of the project status based on the 8 Pillars of Delivery Excellence
  • Provide visibility to Partners globally and regionally on the progress of projects per country
  • Provide a common base for project status reporting
  • Provide input to monthly Steering Committee meetings

Project Description

Delivery Excellence Dashboard is an application designed for the Project Managers, Quality Assurance Managers, Engagement Partners and Board Members of Lodestone Management Consultants worldwide. Based on Lodestone Management Consultant's 8 pillars of delivery excellence framework, the application will allow more effective quality assurance and project management of projects and clientele. Designed to optimise the user experience of each stakeholder, the dashboard will allow maximum visibility of related information through various customised visualisation tool and provide an enhanced ease of performing their tasks through the application.

The application will be compatible for web browser Internet Explorer 8, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox.

For the Delivery Excellence Dashboard, we have identified 3 distinct views for each user role. They are the following:

  1. Admin Dashboard – Manages user access rights and the creation of projects
  2. Project Manager Dashboard – Allows Project Managers to report the status of their projects in a standardized manner
  3. Management Level Dashboard – Helps Lodestone Management to visualize the current state of projects through a map view

Lodestone Delivery Excellence Dashboard (Admin's Dashboard)

The administrator view is one of the key components of the entire dashboard as the project creation is made from this perspective. The administrator adds in the general project details, such as the client and the project managers involved to facilitate the entire project process. Through usage of the system, the people involved in the specified project are notified through emails.


Lodestone Delivery Excellence Dashboard (Project Manager's Dashboard)

The functionalities in the project manager view include functions such as viewing the list of projects assigned to him, viewing the individual project details, as well as editing and saving project details. Some of the key features of this perspective however, include answering questionnaires and generating reports. Answering questionnaires is a function used to keep members of the project involved as to where the current status of the project is using the 8 Pillars of Delivery Excellence. The purpose of generating reports is for higher management to identify the current progress and indications of the project.

Lodestone Delivery Excellence Dashboard (Management Level Dashboard)

The management level dashboard view is used to identify the projects catering to a specific region on a worldwide level. This perspective pertains to mainly informing the higher management personnel regarding the projects assigned together with its details to help in higher management decision making.


UI Mockup for Management Level

Project Motivation

To create a common platform locally for: Higher Management to monitor the status of projects in line with Lodestone's 8 Pillars of Delivery Excellence

  • Higher Management will be able to understand the performance for projects which are assigned to him / her at a glance by looking at the map, and to know more into project details if he or she is interested.

Project Managers to report the status of their projects in a standardized manner

  • Project Manager will know the status of the projects which are assigned to him or her by answering the questionnaire set by Admin. This will make the standardized reporting status within the company. Project Manager will understand how each project is performing in his or her dashboard.

Project Goals

This application aims to provide flexibility, where customization is available for different users of the application as well as a convenient platform for communication. Lastly and most importantly. Most importantly, the application is meant to provide an easy to use and convenient platform for higher management to monitor the projects handled by Lodestone MC.

Our X Factor is usability, which consists of:

  • Learnability

How easy is it for users to accomplish basic tasks (Create Project, Answer Questionnaire, View Map, etc) the first time they encounter the design?

  • Efficiency

Once users have learned the design, how quickly can they perform tasks?

  • Ease of use

Can users access the information they want easily?

  • Satisfaction

How pleasant is it to use the design? Does the visualization gives user the data that they want to see?

Learning Outcomes