2013-14 Term 1 A10. Web Experiment 2: Analysis

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Home Assignments G1 G2 Technology


Run your online tests. Present findings from your online data gathering.


Due: At the beginning of class on week 12

Collaboration: This is a group assignment. You may work with your project team only.

In Class

Selected groups should be prepared to give a short presentation that discusses the following:

  1. Briefly state everything in the Overview section of your team's wiki page.
  2. Briefly state the scope and purpose of your web experiment.
  3. Demonstrate the task that your participants will perform.
  4. State your dependent variable and how you collected it.
  5. State the number of participants you recruited and how you recruited them.
  6. Show your results, including any graphs you made and the results of any statistical tests.
  7. Describe the most important changes you could make as a result of this study.

Presenting teams can refer to their project wiki page on the screen when making their presentation. Teams can also run their prototype through the web browser or use the document camera to show it running on a mobile device. All team members must be present, but teams should choose one person to be their primary speaker.


Each team should create an Assignment 10 wiki page by copying the A10 submission template G1 G2. This page should include the following:

  1. Participants: how you recruited, how many you got, and demographics
  2. Results: analysis of you dependent variable, including the mean, standard deviation, and statistical analysis.
  3. Conclusions: discuss any you can draw from your experiment or how you might have done better
  4. Prototype: a list of potential changes to your prototype, including a brief explanation of how they follow from your conclusions

Teams must also update the team information G1 G2, and High-fidelity Prototypes G1 G2 sections of their wiki page, as necessary. And don't forget to update your scenarios, flow diagram, and screen shots if they have changed since you submitted A9.