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IS Project Experience Options

Student may choose to complete an IS Application Project or an IS Research Project or an IS Project Experience (FinTech).

IS485: IS Research Project IS483: IS Application Project IS484: IS Project Experience (FinTech)
Research + Data Collection + Solution approach + solution implementation + report Requirements + Scoping + Design and Development (POC) + Testing (System and User Testing) Open to all tracks. Projects are predefined by Citibank, UBS, OCBC and NETS. Otherwise, similar to IS483.
Implemented POC (Demo of the implementation is need) Implementation (Demo of the implementation is need) See details at IS484: IS Project Experience (FinTech)
Student with GPA > 3.4
Budget of approximately $200 per team for industry sponsored research projects only. Faculty sponsored research projects will not receive any budget from SMU-X. Students will receive an email from SMU-X on week 2 of the term and can only make claims on expenses incurred after the start of term. Budget of approximately $200 per team. Students will receive an email from SMU-X on week 2 of the term and can only make claims on expenses incurred after the start of term.


  • Be a year 3 or year 4 student . As you need sufficient coursework exposure to do a good job in your IS483, it is best to take it later in your curriculum. Taking IS485/IS483 in the first term of year 3 is discouraged.
  • For IS485 project, you need to have a GPA of > 3.4.
  • A maximum of 4 (four) additional courses at SMU can be taken by a student in a term along with IS485/IS483/IS484.
  • You must work on one of the tracks declared for your first major. If you are taking dual track, you can align to either of the two tracks. You cannot drop the track to which you have aligned your IS483/ IS484/ IS485 project as it will affect your graduation pre-requisites.
  • IS483 projects can only be aligned to | IS tracks and cannot involve tracks from other majors.
  • For BA / DCS / FT / SMT track students, you need to pass the following courses
  1. Software Project Management (IS212) is a co-requisite
  2. Any two (2) track courses. One of these courses can be a co-requisite.

If the student drops the co-requisite courses in the same term that IS Project experience is being taken, the student will get an F for IS project experience.

Pre requisites for Multi-track Projects

Multi-track projects can include two tracks only. There has to be more than one student from each track in the project team. Acceptance of multi-track project proposals and project grading will be on the basis of required criteria being fulfilled for both the tracks.

Stakeholders & Students


  • Track coordinator will evaluate your proposal and give you feedback on the proposal. For dual track projects, track coordinators from both tracks will evaluate your proposal.
  • Once project is accepted, your team will be assigned a faculty supervisor and evaluator. The supervisor will meet your team regularly to manage your project. Your faculty evaluator will work with your supervisor to grade your project.
  • Sponsors/Mentors of the project may be an internal faculty or from the industry depending on the nature of the project.


  • All project must be completed in teams.
  • Application project (IS483/ IS484) will consist of students of group size 4 to 6. For dual track projects, there must be a minimum of 2 students from each track
  • Research project (IS485) will consist of students of group size 2 to 3.
  • Application project must be done only once
  • Students are to self-form their teams prior to registration of the IS Project Experience course. Thus, team formation is the responsibility of the students. Places to find team members
  1. “Team formation” forum under the “IS Project Experience” course
  2. DCS telegram channel
  • Students from different cohorts are welcome and encouraged to work together.

Project Timeline and Milestones

Activities before the start of the term

Not sure of the proposal submission process, pre-requisites etc and dont want to read the wiki? Get the quick summary from this process model.

IS483-Proposal Submission-2023-01 (1) page-0001.jpg
Activities Timeline Tasks Action by
Indication of project plan As soon as you decide when to do your IS483/IS485 project Fill the form here IS Project Experience Registration Teams
Project Sourcing and Registration Week -16 to Week -8
  • Team Formation
  • Confirmation of Sponsor
  • Project Sourcing & Requirements Gathering from Sponsor
  • IS485 only: agreement of faculty supervisor
Proposal Due before the start of Week -8 (i.e. by 11th June 2023 23:59)
  • Proposal Submission (see below for templates)
Students (submission)
Pitching and proposal revision Week -8 to Week -4
  • Selected teams will need to pitch their project proposals to their track coordinators.
  • Track coordinators will contact the teams to arrange pitching where required.
  • Teams may need to revise their proposals based on feedback from track coordinators.
Students and track coordinators
Decision on Proposal Week -4

Acceptance/Rejection decisions will be communicated via email and via eLearn announcement at the IS Project Experience eLearn site: before the end of the week

Track Coordinators, Students, Sponsor (optional)
Supervisors Assignment Week -1
  • Supervisors - Teams Assignment
IS483 Faculty Manager

Activities during the term

Activities Timeline Tasks Action by
Start of Project Week 1
  • Bid e$10 for IS483/IS485
  • Supervisors Meet Teams
Midterm Week 7 to 9
  • Rehearsals and Presentation
Students, Supervisor, Evaluator (Optional: Track Coordinators, Sponsor, Peers)
Finals Week 14
  • Presentation
  • Report
Students, Supervisor (Optional: Track Coordinators, Sponsor, Peers)

Important Notes

BOSS Bidding

After acceptance of the project proposal, you will need to bid for your faculty supervisor's IS483 or IS485 section during BOSS Round 2, Window 1. You should bid only e$10. Please note that if there is an insufficient e$ balance in your account, you will NOT be able to enrol for the project experience course, even if your team's proposal was accepted.

Project Sourcing

You may select projects listed here for your project or you may self-source your own projects with the companies. For all projects, please approach your track coordinator to verify if the project is suitable to for the track prior to submitting your proposal.

Project Registration

For resource planning, the school needs to keep track of the number teams planning to enroll in IS485/IS483 projects in forthcoming terms. As soon as your project sourcing is complete, please register your project (one registration per group only) at IS Project Experience Registration. Please note that project teams which have registered but did not submit their project proposal within the deadline for a particular term will be automatically disqualified.

Proposal Submission

If you have specific queries in the proposal development phase about project scope and relevance to particular track(s), you can check with your track coordinator. Completed proposals need to be submitted at If a team does not submit this form with the required information, the team's proposal will not be evaluated.

Proposal Submission template

Download Proposal template from Resource link below.

IS485: IS Project Experience (research)

IS485 aims to introduce students to academic and industry research in Information systems. it allows students to experience first hand, the challenges of research, discovery and innovation, and allows students to work near the frontiers of research in the field.


  • GPA of >= 3.40
  • Year 3 or Year 4
  • Work on one of the tracks declared for your first major
  • Recommended Skills for SMT major students: Empirical Studies, Research Methods, Analytics Foundation, Geographic Information Systems, Sustainable (Digital) Cities, Introduction to Public Policy.
  • For BA/ DCS/ FT/ SMT track students: You need to pass any two track courses, one of which can be a co-requisite.
  • Students must find a SCIS faculty member (for all research projects) and an industry mentor (for industry research project) who agrees to serve as his/her project supervisor
  • Students who do not meet the GPA requirement will need to seek special permission from the Course Coordinator.

IS485 Academic and IS485 Industrial Research

  • IS485 Research projects can be either done as an industry research project (SMU-X) or an academic research project.
  • Students who do the IS485 (Academic Research Project) will have to source their own faculty supervisor
  • Students who do the IS485 (Industry Research Project) will have to source both an industry mentor and a faculty supervisor to mentor the team


Grading components - IS483
Proposal Review [10%] (by Track Coordinator(s))
Midterm Presentation [25%] (by Supervisor, Evaluator)
Final Evaluation (Presentation and Report) [45%] (by Supervisor, Evaluator)
1 min Project Video [5%] (by Supervisor, Evaluator)
Poster [5%] (by Supervisor, Evaluator)
Individual contribution [10%] (by Supervisor), based on weekly individual reflections (from T2AY22), peer reviews and supervisor observations
Grading rubrics for IS483: Please refer to the grading templates for the Proposal Review, Midterm Presentation, and Final Evaluation from the Resource link below for further details about the grading components.
Grading components - IS484
Proposal Review [5%] (by Track Coordinator(s))
Midterm Presentation & Demo [30%] (by Supervisor)
Final Presentation & Demo [65%] (by Supervisor)

Grading templates for IS484: Please refer to the grading templates for the Proposal Review, Midterm Presentation, and Final Evaluation from the Resource link below for further details about the grading components.

Grading components - IS485
Proposal Review [5%] (by Supervisor)
Midterm Presentation [35%] (by Supervisor and evaluator)
Final Presentation [20%] (by Supervisor and evaluator)
Term paper and Research poster [40%] (by Supervisor and evaluator)

Guidelines for IS485 projects: Students in a team needs are encouraged to have a separate research problems which are sub-problems of one main research problem. One term paper per team is required which integrates the results from each sub-problem worked upon by the students.

SMT track and major students: please note that from AY22 Term 2, you are no longer required to maintain a wiki page for your project. The deliverables will be as above for all students


Proposal Template

  1. Digitalisation and Cloud Solutioning and Generic Proposal Template [link]
  2. Business Analytics Proposal Template [docx]
  3. Financial Technology and IS484 Proposal Template [docx]
  4. Smart-City Management and Technology Proposal Templates [click here]
  5. IS485 Generic Research Template [docx]

Prerequisite Summary

1. Prerequisite Summary for Team Members [Prerequisites]

Grading Rubrics

Refer here for details on the grading rubrics for proposal, mid term and final terms as well as suggested format for report, poster and video. pdf