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Objective and Scope

User testing is conducted on every functionality that has been implemented and completed till date. The objective of testing in every iteration is to

1) identify the presence of bugs

2) any irregularities in the application that were not previously discovered by the developers in the development phase

3) user’s behaviour and expectation and

4) Accuracy of the data .

To ensure performance consistency over different platforms, we conduct application testing on the following operating systems and browsers:

    	Operating Systems 
    •	Windows 10.1 
    •	Mac OS High Sierra (10.13.5) / Windows 10.1  
    •	Google Chrome 

Testing Procedure

The team ensure that functionalities implemented in the application are of the highest quality, by pushing codes that are tested to be working properly with the other modules. Hence, reducing the potential occurrence of bugs.

We also dedicated 1-2 days at the end of each iteration for manual final testing, locally and on Google Cloud. The team’s quality assurance will test out each module to ensure the integration was completed successfully. If bugs/errors has been identified, the quality assurance will alert the PM and update the bug-tracking excel sheet.

Testing Schedule

Integration and testing of the application occur simultaneously, allowing a more efficient, time-effective way of testing and ensuring the system isn’t broken.

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