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General Feedback on Application

1. Polish User Interface, increase font size of navigation bar.

2. Need for state management.

3. Some URLs show information (GET method). We need to change it to a POST method to prevent this from happening.

4. Help function or tooltip needed.

5. Change all the popups to something nicer.

Home Page

1. Have difficulty with navigating to the analysis tab.

2. The “note! for check box only for multiple “ is wrong! single analysis also need to select the checkbox.

3. Good to have a help/instruction dialog box pop up for new users who log in.

Create, Read, Update, Delete Product

1. Make tabs more obvious as some users didn’t know that they were tabs.

2. Set weight and volume to a maximum of 2 decimal places.

3. Set all names to have a max length of what is set.

4. Do not allow negative values for product and weight.

5. Prevent modals from disappearing when clicking on the black area.

Create Scenario

1. No one clicked on the “Create Scenario” in the navigation bar.

2. Selection of product should not be together with creation of scenario. Product should be tagged with lane.

Create, Read, Update, Delete Marker

1. Allow symbols and spaces for marker name.

2. Pop up message did not display the default name for marker. Display the default name for the Marker in the pop up.

3. Use proper English for the message. “Do you want to rename your supplier marker?”

4. Tried to drag the words when creating markers.

5. One user tried to rename markers.

6. Mouse over a marker to display the information.

7. Couldn’t figure out how to create a marker by dragging.

8. Some users dragged the marker name instead of the marker picture.

9. Do not allow users to enter more than 15 characters for a marker name.

10. Many didn’t know that you could double click to relocate markers.

11. Confirmation box for deletion of markers.

Create Lane

1. Change “1st marker” and “2nd marker” to “to” and “from”.

2. A few users didn’t know how to create a lane.

3. It should zoom out after selecting create lane.

4. Users kept clicking on the input box that was disabled (“1st marker” & “2nd marker”).

5. Lane form

  • Remove all the NA’s
  • The 100% for air seems useless
  • Air submode should be LCL
  • Values for the different percentages should be auto populated
  • Put a $ sign beside the cost
  • Back button isn’t obvious
  • What cost is it for?

Edit Lane

1. Many users tried to click on the lane first to edit lane.

2. Lane information can only be seen when we go to the lane form. It is troublesome.

3. Lane management is not within the page. Many users found it is difficult to find out how to edit and delete lanes.

4. Instructions are unclear as to why you need drag 2 markers.

5. Some didn’t know how to relocate markers that have lanes.

6. Redirect users to the lane table after the edit is done.

7. Back button isn’t clear.

Delete Lane

1. There should be a prompt to confirm the delete.


1. Don’t redirect to the homepage upon saving a scenario.

Duplication of Scenario

1. Duplicate form buttons should be different colour.

Consolidation of Markers

1. Instruction for Consolidation is unclear.

2. Should prompt the user to save as they are unsure if needed to click yes for confirmation of consolidation.

Import Scenario Data

1. Error message isn’t obvious.

Export Scenario Data

1. Error message isn’t obvious.

Save & Analyse Scenario

1. The numbers should only show up to 2 decimal places.

2. Add a legend for the lane numbers because it is a chore to hover over all the lanes to see which lanes correspond to which number.

3. Show the units for time and distance.

4. Have the graphs across the screen, not so fat for one lane shown.

5. Change the colour of the graph.

6. Show tooltip in the graph.

7. Indicate the units in the tooltip.

8. Axis label may get overlaid by numbers.

9. The carbon/cost should be clearer.