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Project Progress Summary

Presentation Slides


Team Chm has completed Sprint 10 on date.

There are several key accomplishments since the project inception on 26 Oct 2012:

  • Development using the Magento framework & the EAV structured database with little knowledge
  • Development using D3 framework with little prior knowledge
  • Completed 2 usability test and are currently implementing solutions to given feedback

Team Chm is confident of completing the project within the stipulated schedule as shown below:


Project Highlights

Sprint 2

Unexpected Problems with SVN causing project schedule delays

Due to the integration with Magento and its database, the team had some problems committing and updating the project repository. Hence, the project wasn't able to continue and development had to be put on hold so as to address the project repository issue. The issue was then solved, and only certain major files were committed. The new risk and the risk mitigation plan was then recorded so as to prevent such problems from happening again.

Sprint 5

No transactional data for analysis

When moving onto Sprint 5, when the BI tool was being developed, the team realised that we do not have any transactional data in Magento E-commerce website to based our BI tool on. Hence, upon discussion with our sponsor, the team and the sponsor decided to to have a data gathering cum user testing session. Over 30 friends were invited so shop online using Magento E-commerce website, and they were each given $1000 virtual money to spend.

Sprint 7

No real time data in the Magento E commerce website

Upon meeting with our supervisor, the team realised that it would be more accurate if real-time products were put onto the Magento E-commerce website instead of using the sample data that Magento provides. Hence, colluding with our sponsor, the search for an online shop/blogshop to ask for their products description to be put online begins. After weeks of searching, we found Yellow Mushmellow online blogshop and they were willing to provide their products to be input into Magento.

Technical Complexity

The technical complexity are listed in order of the highest complexity

(Zend Framework)
  • What the feature is?
  • Open source E-commerce website that we based our project on
  • What was complex?
  • Complex folder Structure
  • Complex database structure - EAV
  • Click here for Magento ER diagram
  • So why did we use it?
  • From our data generation sessions, feedback was given that it was easy to use and navigate
  • It is an E-commerce information platform that we can leverage our BI tool upon.
  • What the feature is?
  • D3.js is a JavaScript library for manipulating documents based on data
  • What was complex?
  • Challenging process of making use of the D3.js API to manipulate data generated from Magento E-commerce website
  • So why did we use it?
  • Javascript library for building interactive, beautiful and custom data driven charts

Project Management

Project Status

Chapters Status Confidence Level (0-1) Member In-Charge
Authentication 100% developed and deployed 1 Joseph
Manage Campaign 100% developed 1 Leonard
Manage Hooks - Coupons 90% developed 1 Rachel
Manage Hooks - Social Messages 50% developed 1 Max
Manage Purchases 100% developed and deployed 1 Leonard & Rachel
Manage Insights 10% developed 0.9 Max

Project Scope

Project Use Cases

Project scope has not changed since inception

  • Chapters are categorized in priority circles:
  • Core and Good-to-have Features: Developed by Team Chm during IS480
  • Core features represents the features that must be delivered to the client
  • Good-to-have Features: Features of lower priority; can be implemented in future beyond this project

Schedule (Planned vs Mid Term)

Schedule planned vs midterms

Project Metrics

Schedule Metric

The diagram below shows the burn-down charts of the 8 sprints we have completed thus far:

1. Schedule Metric Calculation
2. Schedule Metric Documentation for Sprint Number: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

Burn-down Charts

Burn down charts

Bug Metric


Number of Bugs Found

There was a pike in the number of bugs found in Sprint 9. This is due to the more rigorous testing conducted on our application during User Testing 2.

Also, there are six bugs that are carried over from Sprint 9 to 10 because we did not have sufficient time to resolve it


1. Bug Metric Calculation
2. Bug Metric Documentation

Risk Management

Added new Risks as at mid-term. Full entries are shown under the Project Management in the Risk Management Table.

Level of Impact (out of 10)
Mitigation Strategy
5. Go Daddy Server Fails Project cannot be deployed and thus take a longer time to complete
Project Manager to obtain working copy from repository and redeploy
6. Project Repository unavailable due to technical faults Project cannot continue
Double backup using VM from IS480 resources

Product Quality

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes
Requirements Product Backlog
Analysis Use Case
Design ER Diagram
Testing User Testing 2 Plan

Consumer Test Cases
Marketing Professional Test Cases


  • Staging & Development Environment: deployed on GoDaddy server
  • Database: Magento EAV database structure
  • Web Links:
  1. Mobisupermarket Frontend Deployment Environment
  2. Mobisupermarket Frontend Staging Environment
  3. Server Architecture & Resources

User Testing 1 (Data Gathering)


1. Determine that the usage of the features in magento are consistent to the expectations of the sponsor

2. Obtain feedback from users such as to improve the usability (learnability, efficiency, errors, satisfaction) and aesthetics of Magento

3. Generate transaction data for our Business Intelligence Tool that will be implemented later

Scope of Test

Usability Test 1: A basic set up of the test in SMU
S/N Features Tested
1 Facebook Authentication / Log in / Log out Greentick.png
2 Change / Edit password Greentick.png
3 View their E-Wallet Balance Greentick.png
4 View Products Greentick.png
5 Add Product to Cart Greentick.png
6 Checkout Cart Greentick.png
7 Like a Product Greentick.png
8 Share a Product Greentick.png
9 Purchase with a coupon discount -

Conducted Session

Usability Testing 1 consisted of 2 sessions was successfully conducted on 23 & 24 Jan 2013, 1 – 3pm at the School of Economics SR 5.1 & SR 2.3 respectively.
A total of 30 students from the various schools in SMU assumed the role of a online shopper participated.

User Feedback

Chart 1

User Testing 1 Conclusion

Inferring from the table on the left, there was generally an overall "very good" and "good" feedback given on the easy of usability of Magento. In light of this result, our team has decided to go ahead with the use of Magento, as this E-commerce website was deemed user friendly and easy to use.

One of the feedback given by the users was to add a required fill for the postal code upon checkout, this have been done in light of this.

Nevertheless, many users expressed that on the whole, the system is easy to use, streamlined, is “time-saving” and user-friendly. Users also mentioned that they are able to compare items easily and it was easy searching for products by category.

User Testing 2 (Usability Test)


1. Determine that the usage of the BI functions in magento are consistent to the expectations of a marketing student

2. Obtain feedback from users such as to improve the usability (learnability, efficiency, errors, satisfaction) and aesthetics of Magento

3. Marketing students to create a marketing campaign and to observe how online shoppers will respond to it

Scope of Test

Usability Test 2: Poster

S/N Features Consumers Marketing Students
1 Facebook Authentication / Log in / Log out Greentick.png Greentick.png
2 Edit Password Greentick.png -
3 View their E-wallet Balance Greentick.png -
4 View Products Greentick.png -
5 Add Product to Cart Greentick.png -
6 Checkout Cart Greentick.png -
7 Like a Product Greentick.png -
8 Share a Product Greentick.png -
9 Purchase with a coupon discount Greentick.png -
10 Create & Design Coupon Hooks - Greentick.png
11 Delete Coupon Hook - Greentick.png
12 Create & Design Campaigns - Greentick.png
13 Delete Campaign - Greentick.png
14 Generate a graph from past Transactional Data - Greentick.png

Conducted Session

The Usability Testing 2 session was successfully conducted on 15 Feb 2013, 1 – 4pm at the School of Economics SR 2.5.
A total of 17 marketing major students from Professor Willem Smit class in SMU assumed the role of a marketing professional participated.
A total of 30 students from the various schools in SMU assumed the role of a online shopper participated across the week when the campaign was created

User Test cases for the Usability Test 2 is recorded in the following:

Most Common Feedback & Rectification

Solution: Informative Text for the coupon main page has been added
Solution: A back button has been added
Solution: Selected date has been displayed
Solution: Added an asterisk for the postal code

Results from End-of-Test Qualtrics Survey (Extract):

Chart 2

User Testing 2 Conclusion

User Testing 2 provided us with much insights especially to the overall intuitiveness of using our system. The top few feedback involves how candidates had difficulties in navigating and using the system; and we have since then made changes to the feedback given as shown.

Chart 2 further support this issue, where many candidates believe that the system is either slightly complex or they would need the help of a person to fully exploit the system.


Member Reflections Member Reflections


  • To try and gain more control over external factors in order to reduce the uncertainty of events
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  • To know the limits of each and every one team member and work to their strengths


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  • Time management, to balance work load with other module/commitments