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Initial Brainstorm

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Initial Brainstorm

We have decided to improve the current spree model. However, there are 2 approaches we could take as follows:

Path 1 - Providing a plateform as a common meeting place

Providing a Platform for Spree Organizers and Participants to Meet and Transact

Shopaholic Brainstorm Path 1.png

Path 2 - Function as a Spree Organizer

We are the SOLE Spree Organizer handling all transactions with Participants

Shopaholic Brainstorm Path 2.png

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Our Chosen Path

Path 1 - A Portal for Spree organizers and Participants to meet

We will be taking Path 1.
We would function as a spree Organizer, and handle the order consolidation, ordering and shipping of items to customers.

Model 2 would involve us having to do all the handling of sprees. We would not have the time to do it. Also, some establised spree organizer has already set up their own sites to conduct sprees. Hence, if we were to go with this idea, it would not be original, and it not substantial and benefitial at all.

We have decided to go achead with spree model 1, to creat a plateform where spree organizers and participants can meet and transact. This model would be self-sustaining, with us just maintaining the portal. Currently sprees are being carried out on livejournal, blogs and forums. It is messy, as it is rather difficult to find specific sprees to join when you want it, as it may be unavailable, or the post has been pushed down in ranking.

This portal would serve as a one-stop portal where people could organize or join spree easily. Our portal would provide the following functions, to ease the spree-ing process:

For Spree Organizers For Participants
'Pin-It' Function to add item from merchant site into own shopping cart Order Management system to consolidate orders
Paying for orders easily without the hassle of adding new payee each time for when spree-ing with different spree organizer Easy consolidation of funds from a spree. Do not need to manually check for payment from each participant
Participants would be able to rate Spree Organizer upon completion of spree. Participant is also able to raise disputes if necessary, which would hold the funds to be given to spree organizers Rating of Participants to establish one's reputation in reliability when organizing sprees.
Participants would no longer have calculation error when calculating required amount to pay to Spree Organizer

The New Spree-ing Process

For Spree Organizer

Shopaholic New Spree Organizer Flow Diagram.jpg

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For Participants

Shopaholic New Spree-er Flow Diagram.jpg

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