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Project Overview


This project is to develop an innovative and commercially-viable product which the team can further develop into a business in the future. As such, the team has to have 100% ownership of the IP. Projects initiated by companies (and offered to the school), thus, do not align with the team’s goal and interest. At this moment of time, the team has yet to finalize the project idea and its requirements. The project is scheduled for completion by the 14th week of the school term AY0910T1.


  • Gain valuable technopreneurship skills to spot trends and brainstorm for innovative & commercially-viable ideas
  • Design and deliver a platform / software / information systems that is highly demanded by a large market of a specific industry


The motivation to work on a self-defined project are numerous. There's a proverb from the wise that one can "kill two birds with one stone". We believe that they don't necessary have to be mutually exclusive.

First and foremost, our project must fulfill the requirements of the Final Year Project (that's 1st priority). As budding future technopreneurs, we can turn it into a future business. We will gain valuable open source customization, integration, coding experience. By defining our own requirements, we place an additional burden on ourselves to come up with a viable FYP and business idea.

However, on the upside, we are no longer restricted to software, requirements, and special requests of a particular sponsor. This means that that effectively, the mass market of our selected industry becomes our sponsor.

Project Schedule (Updated - 29-11-09)

Phase Duration Start Finish Milestone/Delivables
Project Proposal 35 days 4/5/09 19/6/09 Submit draft proposal and prototype
Project Planning 5 days 22/6/09 26/6/09 Submit project plan
Preliminary Design 5 days 29/6/09 3/7/09 Submit design doc
Iteration 1 - Setup Platform & Prototyping 22 days 1/8/09 23/8/09 First release
Iteration 2 - Individual Functions (Rate, Bookmark, Comment, User Registration) 35 days 24/8/09 27/9/09 Second release
Iteration 3 - Group Functions (Privacy, Tag, Search Trails) 17 days 28/9/09 15/10/09 Third release
Iteration 4 - Group Functions (Create/Join/Delete Hunting Group, Group Tag) 10 days 16/10/09 25/10/09 Fourth release & First User Acceptance Testing
Iteration 5 - Group Functions (Website Filter, Group Compile, User Matching) 14 days 26/10/09 10/11/09 Fifth release - (Release of Beta Version)
Iteration 6 - Final Deployment and Final User Acceptance Testing 7 days 10/11/09 15/11/09 Final Release of first Version

Current Status

Our team has completed Iteration 6 and we are wrapping up the Beta Testing and Reports

Roles & Responsbilities

Technical Roles

Name Role(s) Responsibilities
SNG Wei Zhuang Lead Programmer - Ensure all programming tasks are in line with the skill of individual.
- Oversees the overall project programming status.
Timothy TAN Chee Yong Product Engineer - Ensure the quality and development of Baboonza.
- Interact with users’ needs.
- Communicate with the development team to develop and document the software methods.
- Coming out with the test procedures and etc.
Jeffrey TAN Choong Cher (Chen Junzi) System Architect & SME Data Warehouse - Generating the highest level of system requirements based on user and constraints.
- Perform cost and benefit analysis.
- Manage the data dictionary.
- Use business Intelligence tools to extract, transform, and load data into the repository.
Kaung MYAT Subject Matter Expert in Open Social - Understand the Open Social functionalities.
- Able to use the pre-defined classes.
- Expert in programming modules for the social network.
KHWANG Peng Hock Subject Matter Expert in Search Designer - Understand thoroughly the google search
- Able to tweak the search engine design.
- Be an expert in modifying the module.

Administrative Roles for Current Week (16 Nov 2009 - 30 Nov 2009)

Name Role(s) Responsibilities
Steve Sng Wei Zhuang Project Manager - Ensure tasks are on time.
-Plan meetings
Timothy Tan Chee Yong Meeting Facilitator - Conduct SCRUM Meeting.
- Facilitate the daily meeting.
Khwang Peng Hock Adrian Time Tracker and Update of Deliverables - Keep track of the meeting time.
- Update the SCRUM list.
Tan Choong Cher Jeffrey Update Wiki - Update minutes.
- Report the group current progress on Wiki.
Kaung Myat Minutes Taker - Take note of the current team progress.

About the Team

Team Athanasios was actualized by five charming gentlemen, Adrian, Jeffrey, Myat, Steve and Timothy. The word Athanasios originated from Greek, it crudely meant “eternal life”. However our team believes that it has an obscured meaning. To us, eternal life literally mean never say die, there upon with this spirit we believe that our team can seize next-generation methodologies and embrace ubiquitous technologies..

Team Athanasios believe in working serious and having fun at the same time. Over the past three months, we understand that communication and establishing trust among each other. Therefore, our team adopt the Fish Philosophy, which have these four ingredients to life.

Fish Logo
Play - Having fun while working on the project
Make their day - Always trying to create a better day for each other.
Be There - Always there when any of the team members need help, and spare a listening ears to each other.
Attitude - Positive, Serious, and Discipline.

Performance Metrics

We have created a deliverables list to keep track of each other performance. With this deliverables metric, we are able to have a overall view on all the pending tasks that need to be completed, and to compliment each other on the completion of the relevant tasks assigned to them.

Scrum Methodology

Scrum, another Agile development methodology is application of common-sense to work that uses productivity producing techniques applied to software engineering. Scrum places highest priority on doing work and producing releases.

Timothy was working in a software company that adopted this methodology, and we have decided to apply the best practices to the management of our project. The reasons for our adoption are for agility, open communication, flexibility, team/individual review and to get feedback from the stakeholder. Most importantly, we want to reduce the overheads of a typical project management and focus more on Project Management tools and development time to deliver the project.

Why Scrum Is Powerful • Focus is on team's work, and team's work only • Daily communication of status occurs • Enables low-overhead empirical management • Makes impediments visible • Someone is willing to make decisions and remove impediments real-time

Scrum summary diagram.png

Sample SCRUM Burn down chart. We have successfully adopted the SCRUM methodology and captured the different artifacts like the product backlog, team burn down chart, tracked individual and team progress in a excel spreadsheet. Using the Burn down chart, as a metric of time and progress, the Project Manager is able to plan, anticipate and make decisions early with the team. We will use it as a tool to update our supervisor of our progress too.

Untitled picture.png

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Web Bug Tracking
Our Group has decided to use the online web bug tracking portal to record the bug. The following description is retrieved from the http://www.mantisbt.org/
" MantisBT is a free popular web-based bugtracking system (feature list). It is written in the PHP scripting language and works with MySQL, MS SQL, and PostgreSQL databases and a webserver. MantisBT has been installed on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, OS/2, and others. Almost any web browser should be able to function as a client. It is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL)."

The Mantis Bug Tracking System can be found under https://sparrow.kholix.com/mantis/

1st Quality Assurance Bug Tracking - 26-09-09
1. View All Bugs
View all the Bug Issues

2. Bugs Summary
View the Bugs Summary

3. Developer Status By Resolution
View Developer Status by Resolution

2nd Quality Assurance Bug Tracking - 26-10-09
1. Bugs Summary
View the Bugs Summary

2. Defect Log
[QA Bug Tracking - Bug Defects log]

User Acceptance Testing (Individual and SocialSite Functions) - 28-10-09
1. Bugs Summary
View the Bugs Summary

2. Defect Log
[UAT Bug Tracking - Bug Defects log]

Group Beta Testing - 24-11-09
1. Bugs Summary
View the Bugs Summary

2. Defect Log
[Group Beta Testing Bug Tracking - Bug Defects log]

Individual Beta Testing - 28-11-09
1. Bugs Summary
[[Image:|450 px|View the Bugs Summary]]

2. Defect Log
Group Beta Testing Bug Tracking - Bug Defects log

Poster Design

[Poster Version 1 - Rough Idea]

[Poster Version 2 - Make changes to the text and words.]

[Poster Version 3 - Changes to the background color (With Gradient Green and Blue)]

[Poster Final Version - Retain the Blue Background]

Weekly Progress and Meeting Logs

{ March }

Starting Off (07 Mar 09): [Minutes 1]
-> Discussion on the Strength and Weaknesses of Individuals
-> Brainstorming for Ideas
-> Setting up rules to follow

{ May }

Week 1 (10 May 09 - 16 May 09): [Minutes 2]
-> Discussion on the Strength and Weaknesses of Individuals
-> Brainstorming for Ideas
-> Setting up rules to follow

Week 2 (18 May 09 - 24 May 09): [Minutes 3]
-> Discuss on what is to be updated in the SMU Wiki page
-> Decide on the prototype deadline

Week 3 (25 May 09 - 31 May 09): [Minutes 4]
-> Project Management - To decide on the deadline for the evaluation of the ideas
-> Iteration Development - discussion on the Agile Scrum Method.
-> Discussion with Prof Jiang Jing - Project schedules and discussion of ideas.

{ June }

Week 4 (8 Jun 09 - 14 Jun 09): [Minutes 5]
-> Project Management- Using Zoho and Dropbox
-> Decide on Roles and Responsibilities
-> Discuss on the Timeline and Milestones
-> Logos discussion
-> Business Ideas Discussion

Week 5 (15 Jun 09 - 21 Jun 09): [Minutes 6]
-> Project Management- Work on the Gantt Chart
-> Work on the skeleton of the draft proposal
-> Adopt the use of SCRUM Update
-> Design Documentation - Coming up with use cases, domain diagram, er diagram

Week 6 (22 Jun 09 - 28 Jun 09): [Minutes 7]
-> Developing the Mock Design and functionalities
-> Draft Proposal, discuss on the scope, Work breakdown Structure, Deliverables
-> Drafting out of the use cases
-> Discussion on the Survey for Users
-> Setting the target for completion of draft proposal
-> Roles and Contribution, to define the roles and creation of the market research folder under drop box

{ July }

Week 7 (29 Jun 09 - 5 July 09): [[Minutes 8]
-> Scope and Functionalities- Discuss on how to implement the functionalities
-> Survey, setting a deadline for the survey

Week 8 (6 July 09 - 12 July 09): [Minutes 9]09 July 09
-> Draft Proposal V1.3 - Scope and description, Bookmarked Issues, and optional functions
-> Survey Results, analyzing and drawing relationship
-> Deliverables Updates - Database, and Gantt Chart
Week 8 (6 July 09 - 12 July 09): [Minutes 10] 10 July 09
-> Roles and Responsibilities
-> Draft Proposal
-> Survey Results - deciding the survey results to use
-> Gantt Chart - Draft out the new timelines based on the new changes made

Week 9 (13 July 09 - 19 July 09): [Minutes 11]
-> Coding - To check out the new development code from subversion
-> Design documentation - indicated at the deliverables folder
-> Creation of the research folders - for database mining, Ajax, and Struts

{ August }

Week 10 (03 Aug 09 - 09 Aug 09): [Minutes 12]
-> Design Documentation - Check out the relevant information
-> Identify which design documentation is lacking
-> Changes to the draft proposal

Week 11 (10 Aug 09 - 16 Aug 09): [Minutes 13] 11 Aug 09
-> Draft Proposal - Making relevant changes to the Appendix
-> Draft Proposal Page Reduction - reducing the draft proposal to 10 pages
-> Programming - check out the relevant problems

Week 12 (17 Aug 09 - 23 Aug 09): [Minutes 14]
-> Trash Talk
-> Proposal Review before submission
-> Introduction of the Fish Philosophy
-> Design Documentation - Proposal Adjustment

Week 13 (24 Aug 09 - 30 Aug 09): [Minutes 15]
-> SCRUM overview by Timothy
-> Social Site Overview
-> Server Deployment

{ September }

Week 14 (31 Aug 09 - 06 Sept 09): [Minutes 16]
-> Bookmark, Comment, Rate Design Planning
-> Privacy function to be in Iteration 3

Week 15 (7 Sept 09 - 13 Sept 09) - First Week of Iteration 2:
-> Coding of Bookmark (Adrian and Jeffrey)
-> Coding of Comment (Myat and Timothy)
-> Coding of Rate (Steve)
-> Difficulty in coding the Bookmark and Comment Function - Steep in picking up technologies

Week 16 (14 Sept 09 - 20 Sept 09) - Second Week of Iteration 2:
-> Steve completed the rating code
-> Steve to assist in the Coding of Comment (Myat and Timothy)
-> Coding of bookmark - delete function (Jeffrey and Adrian)

Week 16 (21 Sept 09 - 28 Sept 09) - Third Week of Iteration 2:
-> Steve completed the rating code
-> Steve to assist in the Coding of Comment (Myat and Timothy)
-> Coding of bookmark - delete function (Jeffrey and Adrian)

{ October }

Week 17 (29 Sept 09 - 4 Oct 09) - Iteration 3 - Scrum Planning: [Minutes 17]
-> Planning the Iteration for Privacy (Jeffrey), Tag (Adrian) and Search Trail(Tim)
-> Steve as the Lead Programmer to assist individual
-> Myat to debug the Social Site Bug
-> Plan the Meeting Timing for Week 8 (Recess Week)

Week 18 (5 Oct 09 - 11 Oct 09) - Iteration 3 - Development Continuation:
-> Planning the Iteration for Privacy (Jeffrey), Tag (Adrian) and Search Trail(Tim)
-> Wrapping up the iteration and finalizing the code
-> Steve to compile all the functionalities

Week 19 (12 Oct 09 - 18 Oct 09) - Iteration 4 - Scrum Planning: [Minutes 18]
-> Lead UAT organizer(Jeffrey), Personal Tagging (Adrian) and Lead QA Testing(Tim)
-> Steve to program the group functionalities
-> Myat to continue with the debugging process.

Week 20 (19 Oct 09 - 25 Oct 09) - UAT Result and website suggestions:
-> 4 major bugs discovered, whereas others are feedbacks and enhancements from users.
-> Completion of the functionalities by Steve and Adrian

{ November }

Week 21 (26 Oct 09 - 2 Nov 09) - Iteration 5 - Scrum Planning [Minutes 19]
-> Dropping of the Auto Matching Functionalities as part of the risk mitigation plan.
-> Jeffrey (Poster), Steve (UI Enhancement), Adrian (Website Filter)
-> Timothy (Group Compile), Myat (Debugging of bugs)

Week 22 (03 Nov 09 - 08 Nov 09) - Development Continuation:
-> Jeffrey to come out with the poster Design.
-> Adrian, Timothy, Steve completed their tasks.
-> Myat assisting Timothy in the group compile function

Week 23 (09 Nov 09 - 15 Nov 09) - Submission of Poster and wrapping up of the codes
-> Jeffrey to finalize and submit the poster design
-> Finalizing and performing Quality Assurance (QA) Testing
-> Prepared and performed user acceptance testing (UAT)

Week 24 (16 Nov 09 - 22 Nov 09) - Performing QA testing and deployment to server
-> Jeffrey and Timothy to head the Quality Assurance Testing
-> Myat to deploy the final version to the server
-> Adrian to prepare the final reflection paper and presentation schedule
-> Steve compiling all the stuff

Meeting with Prof Jiang Jing

1st Meeting (02 Jun 09): [Minutes 1]
-> Sponsor Related Issues
-> Idea presentation
-> Sharing of different ideas

2nd Meeting (26 Jun 09): [Minutes 2]
-> Draft Proposal Discussion - Work Breakdown Structure
-> Draft Proposal - Project Description
-> Funding discussion

3rd Meeting (16 July 09): [Minutes 3]
-> Draft Proposal Discussion - Project Description and Scope
-> Sharing of the Survey Results

4th Meeting (27 Aug 09): [Minutes 4] [Briefing slide 1]
-> SCRUM agile methodology
-> Weekly Updates
-> System Demo
-> Difficulties Faced

5th Meeting (03 Sept 09): [Minutes 5] [Briefing slide 2]
-> Draft Proposal Discussion - Project Description and Scope
-> Sharing of the Survey Results

6th Meeting (09 Sept 09): [Minutes 6] [Briefing slide 3]
-> Using PM tools: Interpreting & adapting email
-> Difficulties faced

7th Meeting (16 Sept 09): [Minutes 7] [Briefing slide 4]
-> Midterm reflections
-> Difficulties faced

8th Meeting (23 Sept 09): [Minutes 8] [Briefing slide 5]
-> Midterm reflection clarifications.

9th Meeting (30 Sept 09): [Minutes 9] [Briefing slide 6]
-> Deployment to the server problem
-> Update Prof regarding our progress
-> Restructuring to Scrum Iteration.

10th Meeting (14 Oct 09): [Minutes 10] [Briefing slide 7]
-> Mid-term Feedback & Improvement
-> Difficulties Faced for the iterations before mid-term break
-> Discussion on the release of deployment version

11th Meeting (21 Oct 09): [Minutes 11] [Briefing slide 8]
-> Iteration 3 Recap
-> Iteration 4 for the UAT
-> Demonstration of the privacy, UI, Tagging
-> Presentation preparation
-> Design documents to be ready before the presentation

12th Meeting (28 Oct 09): [Minutes 12] [Briefing slide 9]
-> Update on the UAT Result
-> Discussion on the Interface and difficulties faced during the development

13th Meeting (05 Nov 09): [Minutes 13] [Briefing slide 10]
-> Notify the dropping of functionality - Auto Matching
-> Update of the progress to the documentation
-> Discussion on the poster design

14th Meeting (11 Nov 09): [Minutes 14] [Briefing slide 11]
-> Prof to use the system without guidance
-> Starting the new Iteration in 3 days time
-> Presentation Format