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 Project Management

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Project Management


Risks Involved
Level of Impact (out of 10)
Mitigation Strategy
1. Written codes are not usable with the newer updates Too much time spent on designing codes appropriately
Lead developer to ensure that all committed codes adhere to stated guidelines & PM to ensure that schedule is kept to closely.
2. Business Rules do not adhere to marketing practices as we are unfamiliar with it Misunderstanding business rules resulting in an inaccurate result
Meet up regularly with marketing professors and users testing
3. Members unfamiliar to technologies used like AJAX, JavaScript, D3 Project would take longer to complete due to learning curve
Start learning technologies now and practice on dummy sites
4. User interface may not be intuitive Developers innovate and play with ideas, resulting in a delay in schedule (as user-testing is time consuming)
Adhere to user testing phases, else PM will reschedule certain tasks and encourage the team to be be responsive to change.
5. Disagreement amongst team mates Unable to come to common consensus, resulting in time wastage and inefficiency
Selected mediator to step in and have a time out period


A Magento-based online e-commerce store, coupled with social media platforms (Facebook) that is developed along with an Business Intelligence (BI) tools application. This application allows marketing professionals and students to analyze the effectiveness of marketing strategies and campaigns being launched in the Magento e-commerce online store.

LARC would be able to use this application mainly as an education / learning tool for Singapore Management University (SMU) marketing majors students.

The project deliverables would be two-fold: a plug-in for the Magento eCommerce store, and the other is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that will be developed on top of the existing Magento Admin


Project Scope

Project Scope
Chapters Chapter Name Description
Core Features
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