2012-2013 Term 1

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2012/2013 Term 1

2012/2013 Term 2 Rejected or Removed

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
GAO Debin Benjamin Gan

Rainbow Solutions

from term 1 Acceptance part1 rejected

Q-Ticket Mobile Application for Supreme Court of Singapore. mobile queue booking application by leveraging on location based service technology which will enable the lawyers to do self-check-in while within a pre-defined radius from the building. Currently the Queue services available for Lawyers are accessed through the Kiosk at the Supreme Court. This is a problem as Lawyers have to go to the Kiosk physically to register and wait near the Kiosk to check the queue status and access the hearing lists.
  2. Jasper SOH Bi Yu
  3. Kristopher HARYADI
  4. CHEN Chen
  5. Wilfred PHUA Wei Lun
Mr Leong Woon Loong, Director of CISD & Jasmine Lai- IT Consultant. Supreme Court
Archan MISRA Benjamin Gan

Team Transformers

from term 1 Unregistered

Happybox. Our project aims to create a fully functioning IT Solution for Gastro Couture (GC).Users can post pictures to enter a bi-monthly photo competition and make an easy purchase & customization of a happybox* via a cross-platform mobile app (iOS and Android). Administrators (Staff of GC) can manage these competitions and access detailed analytics report of their user base through a web based application.
  1. LIM Hui Qing
  2. Bryan LIM Wei Chiang
  3. CHUA Eng Chang (Not doing IS480 in term 2)
  4. Jason KOK Zhi Qiang
  5. MA Yuan
  6. Sundaram S/O K. VALLIAPPAN
Lester and Zhengrong, Gastro Couture
Archan MISRA ??? & ???

Team Radical

from term 1 Unregistered

Mobile eBook App is a project to develop and deliver an interactive eBook application (Kudotsu ebook app) for curriculum writers, teachers, and students to interact and download teaching materials for their lessons, in place of hardcopies. Running on Samsung Galaxy Tab, this one stop platform will incorporate tablets and web technologies to offer users elements of publishing management, content management and reporting.
  1. CHEONG Guo Long (Not doing IS480 in term 2)
  2. Jean CHOY Joo Min
  3. HENG Choon Hwee
  4. Kevin KOH Yuan Kai
  5. Gabriel LOK Wei Xiong (left in July 6)
Sr. Lecturer Pamela Lim, SMU and director of Kudotsu Pte. Ltd.